State's managing of coronavirus disaster will hang-out us for long, West Bengal Governor in letter to CM

State's managing of coronavirus disaster will hang-out us for long, West Bengal Governor in letter to CM

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar has now written a four-page letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This time, the letter additionally consists of Sanskrit shlokas. In the letter, the Governor has penned a targeted reply to the dialog between the chief minister and himself over the state's dealing with of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The disaster has intensified and a hand-holding mind-set is the want of the hour, wrote Governor Dhankar. He additionally expressed issue over reviews of violent agitations in a number locations of the nation alongside with the alleged politicisation of the public distribution gadget (PDS) equipment in West Bengal.

Governor Jagdeep Dhankar wrote, "Reports of disposal of Covid-19 useless our bodies from numerous areas with heartless indescribable insensitivity is unconscionably shocking. People are traumatised at this callous stance. Their sentiments are outraged. We would by no means be in a position to come out of the sordid saga and disgrace of 'Dhapa'! It will hang-out us for long."

In his criticism of the chief minister's responses, Governor Dhankar termed CM Mamta Banerjee's latest statements as unfortunate. "Your unlucky assertion - political events are vultures in wait of useless bodies, has now not been properly received, as all political events had lent unqualified guide to the authorities to fight Covid-19. It does now not augur properly that on one hand opposition political things to do are being deterred and quarantined, and on the different hand, there is truly a free run for your party. This is the time to be in harmony with political parties," the Governor's letter said.

He similarly wrote, "You have hogged media focal point by way of your announcement in para 12, I beseech you to desist from intensifying your efforts to usurp powers. Earlier your chorus was once that the Governor is strolling a parallel government. The bitter fact is- human beings in the nation comprehend solely too properly that who in the nation is a usurper and extra-constitutional fountain of power! Who runs authorities and syndicates! Who is this ABCD! An open secret! Surely I am now not the one, I can guarantee you that I am moderately up to date about affairs of the kingdom as additionally the kingdom of affairs and will now not fail the human beings of the nation of West Bengal whom I am constitutionally ordained to serve, as per my oath, underneath Article 159 of the Constitution."

Even the anger on social media seething observed point out in the letter in the shape of criticism of the country police.

It states, "The State, unfortunately, is rising as a 'police state' with each person posting on social media, to the distaste of the ruling dispensation, receives a police knock and thereafter! The expression of political opinions is sought to be managed by means of the government. Political victimization is on an incremental trajectory. This is equally relevant to journalists, who are pressured as in no way before. Your stance in para eight about the authority of the Governor betrays immature and beginner perception of constitutionalism. I can guarantee you, the man in Raj Bhawan is conscious of his obligations, limitations, powers and authority and would constantly stay up to constitutional prescriptions, conscious solely of the welfare of the humans and law."

At one factor in the letter, the Governor invokes Dr BC Roy and in every other Rabindra Nath Tagore. "It is a time at this imperative juncture, for your tryst with truth as regards the nation of affairs of the collapsing fitness sector, the PDS that is stricken with politicization, diversion of free ration, the plight of the bad and farmers, to title solely a few. These are troubles I have been flagging repeatedly," Governor Jagdeep Dhankar wrote.

Governor Dhankar additionally wrote, "Your delicate threatening posture (para 12), unbecoming of the workplace you hold, emanates out of the infirm premise, generates no affect at my end. What a paradoxical situation: all this after persistently flouting to function your responsibilities underneath Article 167 and dismiss of policies of enterprise beneath Article 166 - Rules 22, 27 and 30. Your misplaced stand, that as elected chief minister with a majority in the legislature you are impregnably unaccountable and as Governor, I have no role, is lamentable. This smacks of authoritarianism that has no vicinity in a democracy the place all are accountable."

He added, "Greater maturity, farsightedness and positivity at our stop is the name of these attempting times. I have, as you are nicely aware, many touchy troubles of big end result to deliberate, however I discover it expedient to put these on keep until Covid-19 fight is over."