Strategy to beat the dragon from Agneepath, know how many soldiers India has compared to China

Strategy to beat the dragon from Agneepath, know how many soldiers India has compared to China

Students are protesting in many cities including Bihar, Haryana, and UP in protest against the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme. Actually, in our country, after the Indian Railways, the Army is the only place where lakhs of youth have got employment. In the country, about 14 lakh people are contributing to various positions in the armies. Every year about 60,000 personnel retires from the army, on which appointments are made immediately. For this, there are recruitment rallies where the youth are tested hard, but it is not easy to get a job in the Indian army as compared to America and China.

Campaigns are run to add American youth to the army

In America, many campaigns are run to connect the youth to the army and they are provided with better salaries and facilities. Although they do not get any special exemption in terms of educational qualification and training, etc., in America, youth easily get a job in the army on the basis of medical and aptitude tests, provided the youth is not found to be involved in any illegal work.

China also made changes in the rules of recruitment in the army

In our neighboring country China, the process of military recruitment comes under the military service law there, in which youth are motivated to enlist in the army to serve the country. Four years ago in 2018, the Chinese Army People's Liberation Army made several changes in the recruitment rules. One of the major changes in this is that it will not be easy for the youth to leave the army once they get a job. If a youth tries to do so without any valid reason, he is subject to various fines. He has to face restrictions on starting a business and getting admission in higher education courses apart from barring property purchases, getting loans, and getting insurance. Not only this, there is a provision to recover the expenses incurred on the training of youth in the army. Despite these strict conditions, about two million soldiers are included in the Chinese army.

India has fewer soldiers than China's 2 million soldiers

According to a think tank Global Fire Power, India has fewer soldiers than China's 20 lakh soldiers and this number is 14 lakh 50 thousand. In this way, India comes in fourth place when compared with China, the third-largest military power in the world. Perhaps this is the reason why our government is trying to bridge this gap through a scheme like Agneepath so that if any challenge comes from the neighboring country, it can be given a befitting reply.

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