Supreme Court strict on pollution, instructed the government to make an action plan after meeting with the states, the deadline given till date

Supreme Court strict on pollution, instructed the government to make an action plan after meeting with the states, the deadline given till date

 Pollution in Delhi-NCR has been blamed on stubble, but on Monday, in the reply filed by the central government, the Supreme Court said that the role of stubble is limited, and then there is no need to worry about it. The Central Government should hold an emergency meeting with the concerned states on Tuesday and decide by Tuesday evening what its action plan is to reduce pollution.

Delhi government said - ready to impose lockdown 

The Delhi government told the Supreme Court that it is ready to implement the lockdown in view of the serious pollution situation, but it will have limited effect due to the absence of lockdown in NCR. On this, the court directed the central and the state governments of NCR to consider implementing work from home for their officers like Delhi.

Hearing will be held again on Wednesday  

A bench of Chief Justice NV Ramana, Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Surya Kant directed the government to put the matter for hearing again on Wednesday, giving time till Tuesday to the government to take measures and prepare an action plan to tackle pollution.

What is the action plan to control pollution

The Supreme Court said that after hearing the parties and perusing the affidavits, they have concluded that the main causes of air pollution are construction activities, running of non-essential industries, transport and running of coal-fired power plants etc. The commission, set up under the law to deal with air pollution in Delhi-NCR, has taken some steps, but has not clearly stated what measures are being taken to control pollution and what is the action plan.

Deadline given till Tuesday 

The Supreme Court directed the Central Government to hold an emergency meeting with the concerned states on Tuesday and take a decision on the orders to be issued in this regard after considering the above issues. The concerned principal secretaries of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi will participate in the meeting.

Explain to the farmers not to burn stubble for two weeks 

The court said that as per the affidavits filed, stubble burning is not the main cause of air pollution. There is stubble in only two months October and November. But still there is a lot of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, in such a situation, the Haryana and Punjab government should convince the farmers that they should not burn the stubble for at least two weeks.

allow work from home 

The court directed that the state governments of the Center and NCR, like the Delhi government, allow their officers to work from home i.e. implement work from home so that the number of vehicles is reduced. At the beginning of the hearing, senior advocate Vikas Singh, appearing for the petitioner Aditya Dubey, raised the issue of stubble burning in Punjab, saying that the government was not making it an issue due to the elections in Punjab, that is why the court constituted a committee of Justice Lokur. Was.

CJI said - Court has nothing to do with politics

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the central government, objected to Singh's arguments and said that he has another agenda. Expressing displeasure over the arguments of both the sides, the Chief Justice said that you want to fight or want to be heard here. This court has nothing to do with politics and elections. Here only the measures to reduce pollution are being heard.

The situation is different in every city 

Vikas Singh said that the Delhi government has given a good way to deal with stubble. Then Justice Chandrachud said that the central government has filed a comprehensive affidavit. The government is taking measures. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that the Delhi government and other states have taken measures to tackle pollution. The situation is different in every city and every state.

Diesel generator sets can be discontinued

Tushar Mehta said that graded response system is implemented in case of serious pollution situation. If the situation gets worse, there can be three measures which have not been taken yet, first the Delhi government can implement the odd-even scheme, second, the entry of trucks should be stopped in Delhi and thirdly the lockdown should be imposed if the pollution situation is very serious. . Apart from this, generator sets of diesel can be switched off.

are spraying on the streets 

Parking fee can be increased by three-four times so that vehicles are banned. Burning of garbage is prohibited. The Solicitor General told the court that on Monday, stubble burning had a 10 per cent effect on pollution. He said that dust on the road is the main cause of pollution, for this, spraying is done on the roads.

Why not stop the movement of vehicles

The court questioned how many road cleaning machines are there in Delhi. Are these machines in sufficient numbers with the states and if not, what are they doing? Then Justice Surya Kant said that you agree in principle that stubble burning is not the major cause of pollution. So there is no scientific basis for this woe? Why don't you stop the movement of all types of vehicles in Delhi.

Tell by November 17 what steps can be taken 

Mehta said that there is a rider in this. The effect of stubble lasts for two months. Justice Chandrachud told the Center that according to the scientific study in your affidavit, 75 percent pollution is due to industries, transport, and dust. This means that the big reason is not to burn stubble. These three causes of pollution should be reduced. He said that today is November 15, on November 17 you will tell the court what steps can be taken to reduce these three causes of pollution.

Do not force audit of revenue being spent on publicity 

Justice Surya Kant further commented on the attitude of the Delhi government and said that such lax arguments should not compel us to conduct an audit of the revenue being collected by the Delhi government which is being spent on publicity. The corporation says that it does not have money to pay the salary. Delhi government's counsel said that the state government is taking all measures and is ready to do so. The government is also ready to impose lockdown.

did you give incentive package 

Justice Surya Kant said that in the affidavit of the Delhi government, farmers have been held responsible for burning stubble. Justice Chandrachud said that we are targeting a non-important issue. Justice Surya Kant asked the lawyer appearing for the Punjab government that you have talked about taking action on stubble burning, but what encouragement have you given to the farmers for not doing so. Punjab said to give details in this regard on the next hearing. 

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