The bridge shook, then hung and collapsed, and people, drowned in the river

The bridge shook, then hung and collapsed, and people, drowned in the river

The swinging bridge built on the Machhu river in Morbi, Gujarat, became a time on sight. Hundreds of people started drowning in the water till the people on the bridge could understand something. Those who survived stood by the broken bridge for hours. Rescue teams came and took them out. Seeing the swinging bridge, it became a time. Hundreds of people started drowning in the river till people could understand something. Eyewitnesses said, the bridge shook before the huge crowd, then hung and collapsed. Simultaneously, the screaming people started pouring into the river.

Eyewitnesses narrated the incident
An eyewitness claimed that some youths tried to break the swinging bridge. A video of this incident is also going viral in which some youths are seen hitting the bridge vigorously. Vijay Goswami of Ahmedabad said, he had gone for a walk on the bridge with the family, but there some youths in the crowd started shaking the bridge vigorously. This made it difficult for people to walk. He felt it could prove dangerous, so he returned with the family. A few hours later, Vijay's fear proved to be true, when the news of an accident on the Machhu river was received.

At the same time, an eyewitness said, there was a huge crowd on the bridge. It seemed that people were climbing on each other. Everyone was trying to capture pictures on mobile, so they were trying to go to the middle of the bridge. Many people were also pushing and shoving in this struggle. There was a lot of crowd in the middle of the bridge and the bridge broke from that place.

Many people stood in line for tickets
A ticket had to be taken to go to this swinging bridge. There was a long queue of people at the ticket counter when the accident happened. Some people were waiting for their turn with tickets.

Orewa Group has maintenance work
The responsibility of maintaining the bridge rests with the Orewa Group. This group has entered into an agreement with Morbi Municipality for 15 years from March 2022 to March 2037. The group is in charge of bridge security, cleaning, maintenance, toll collection, and staff management.

These questions remain to be answered
Why did the bridge open without NOC?
With whose approval the bridge was opened?
How did people get over the bridge?
What were the measures of crowd control?
What were the special arrangements for Chhath?

It was built by the king of Morbi
The Jhulta bridge was built by Waghji Rawaji Thakor, the king of Morbi. It was inaugurated on 20 February 1879. The latest technology was used in the construction of this bridge built by British engineers. For a long time, it was considered a symbol of good engineering. This 765 feet long, four feet wide bridge was included in the list of Gujarat Tourism due to its unmatched engineering and historicity.

mostly women and children
One part of the bridge fell towards the bank of the river while the other part fell in the middle of the river. Eyewitnesses said that most of the people who fell at the end of the other side died because they could not find a way out of the deep river.

Men somehow got out but women and children could not get out. That's why most of the people who died are women and children.

Many people hanging from the broken bridge
Many pictures and videos have surfaced during the breakdown of the cable bridge. It can be seen in these, after the accident, many people were hanging holding the broken bridge. In the struggle to save his life, he was seen trying to come out somehow by holding the wire and with the help of the broken part of the bridge.

helpline number
The Disaster Control Room of the District Collector's Office has issued a helpline number 02822 243300.

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