The rain wreaked such havoc that water entered the houses from the roads, had to spend the night by raging

The rain wreaked such havoc that water entered the houses from the roads, had to spend the night by raging

Heavy Rain Impact: Rain wreaked havoc in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, that people had to stay awake throughout the night. In fact, due to the continuing rain since Monday evening, the streets of the city to the houses of the people were waterlogged. Due to non-availability of water, people of some areas had to stay awake overnight. People were busy in drawing water from their homes.

The employees of the Municipal Corporation had also started making drainage in the waterlogged areas since morning. At some places, road water was pumped out by motor pumps. There is also a huge resentment against the municipal administration among the people in the waterlogged areas. The people of Banjari Nagar have also complained by submitting a memorandum to the Zone Commissioner for water entering the houses due to negligence in cleaning the drain.

Waterlogging remained in these areas till noon
on the main road in front of Martyr Memorial Building, near Ekatma Complex, Banjari Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Jalvihar Colony, Anand Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Gudhiyari Under Bridge, Underbridge near Disha College, Gondwara Road, Bhathagaon Water remained in Kathadih Marg, Professor Colony, Banjari Nagar, Rajatalab area, Shivanand Nagar and other areas till noon.

The commissioner reprimanded the officers fiercely,
on the problem of waterlogging, an immediate meeting was called to all the zone commissioners, zone health officers at the corporation headquarters. Where corporation commissioner Prabhat Malik reprimanded all the officers. Said that after cleaning the main drains, attention was not paid to cleaning the minor drains. This is the reason that the waste of small drains got stuck in the big drains and got waterlogged

All the zone commissioners, zone health officers and officers of the committee constituted for flood disaster management were asked in the meeting that when there was water logging in the city, how many officers had come out to make arrangements for drainage at night. After this all the officers started peeping from side to side. The commissioner said that as long as the rainy season lasts, the officers involved in the flood disaster committee will be on duty for 24 hours.

In the
meeting, Mayor Ejaz Dhebar and Health Department Chairman Nagabhushan Rao instructed the zone officers to conduct a campaign to deepen the city's big drains and break the illegal construction on the drains. The Mayor canceled the cleaning contract of all the wards and asked to issue a new contract. Along with this, the officials were instructed that only those who pay more than one percent rate should be given the contract for cleaning.

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