The work was not done on time, the commissioner imposed six percent penalty on three contractors, warned of blacklisted

The work was not done on time, the commissioner imposed six percent penalty on three contractors, warned of blacklisted

 The three contractors of Durg Municipal Corporation were overwhelmed by not doing the work on time by taking the contract. The Durg Corporation Commissioner, terming it as an act to malign the image of the corporation administration, imposed a penalty of six per cent on the bill. This amount will be deducted during payment to the contractor. Apart from this, a warning has also been given to blacklist all the three contractors.

Corporation's image is bad,
Corporation Commissioner Haresh Mandavi said that even after the stipulated time limit, the contractor does not complete the work on time without any reason, due to which people are not able to get the benefits of the schemes of the government on time. Apart from this, due to delay in work, the image of the corporation at the government level is tarnished. On the other hand, the officers have to face the displeasure of the public representatives. Therefore, six percent amount is being deducted from the contractor's bill as per the provision of maximum penalty of PWD manual for non-completion of work by the contractor within the time limit.

Imposed on six percent penalty
fortification Corporation Commissioner Haresh Mandavi has imposed a penalty up to six percent of the contractors secret Intrpraijes. Apart from this, six percent penalty has been imposed on the agency M/s Jai Chandi Construction for construction of community building in Ward 32 and M/s Shreeji Sales Syndicate for construction of cultural building in Ward 55.

If the advice given to 200 shopkeepers is not accepted, then the fine will be imposed by the
Durg Municipal Corporation, a campaign is being run to organize the main market of the city, Indira Market. Under this, so far 200 shopkeepers have been warned not to keep the goods spread outside on the road. These shops will be inspected from Monday. If the goods are found out against the advice in the investigation, fine will be taken.

On the instructions of Commissioner Haresh Mandavi by the Municipal Corporation, for the last four days, the Revenue Department is roaming around and giving advice to the shopkeepers. Apart from this, consent is being taken from the shopkeepers whose goods are found outside, after taking their signatures and not keeping the goods outside. Its effect is also visible, but there are still many shopkeepers who are doing business by keeping the goods on the verandah or on the road and due to this the traffic is getting disrupted. Now preparations are being made for a campaign against such people from Monday. According to the information received from the corporation administration, if the goods of the verandah are found outside, the shopkeepers will be fined along with market value interest from the day of allotment of the shop. Even after this, penal action will be taken if the goods are found outside.

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