Those coming to India from 99 countries will not have to stay in Quarantine, Center changed the rules

Those coming to India from 99 countries will not have to stay in Quarantine, Center changed the rules

 After reducing corona infection and giving at least one dose of vaccine to almost half of the country's population, the government has opened the gates for foreign tourists. At present, in the first phase, tourists from 99 countries have been allowed to give quarantine-free entry upon arrival in India. Under this, now they will not have to be quarantined when they come to India. However, this permission will be given to only those people who have taken the full dose of the World Health Organization (WHO) approved anti-corona vaccine.

Many other countries have also opened their doors to foreign tourists. In view of this, India has also taken this step. At present, countries whose people have been exempted from quarantine after coming to India include countries like America, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Germany and France. At the same time, according to media reports, Singapore is also considering giving quarantine-free entry to Indian travelers who have been fully vaccinated from November 29.

The special thing is that India has kept two standards in this permission. In the first are the countries which have recognized each other's vaccine under mutual agreement or which have been recognized by the WHO. On the other hand, under the second standard, there are countries with which even though there is no agreement but they have allowed travel to Indian citizens who have taken two doses of the vaccine. According to the guideline issued by the Ministry of Health, foreign tourists who have taken both the doses will not be kept in quarantine, but they will have to keep an eye on their health for 14 days.

10 countries including Britain, Brazil, Bangladesh are in the risk category

According to the report of news agency ANI, even though the central government has exempted people from 99 countries travel related rules, but some of them are still kept in the category of risk countries. These include Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil, Britain, China, Botswana, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Singapore. According to the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on November 13, people of these countries will have to adopt additional measures to prevent corona after coming to India. Corona infection is increasing once again in most of these countries including Britain and China.

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