Tuberculosis patients have increased in the country and the world! As told in WHO report - can become a big threat

Tuberculosis patients have increased in the country and the world! As told in WHO report - can become a big threat

TB cases have increased once again in the country and the world. Expressing this further concern in the United Nations report, the corona epidemic has been considered a major reason behind it. In the report of the World Health Organization, it has been said that in the year 2021, about 16 lakh deaths have occurred due to this. According to the report, it has grown by about 14 percent in two years. The death toll from TB in the year 2019 was 14 lakh. Teresa Casaeva, director of the Global TB Program run under the World Health Organization, says that for the first time in two decades, such a rapid increase has been seen in the death toll.

TB patients increased

The WHO report states that in the year 2021, about one crore of people was affected by it, which is 4.5 percent more than in the year 2020. Last year, the highest number of poor was in Southeast Asia, which was up to about 45 percent. After this, 18 percent of people in 23 western Pacific regions in Africa were suffering from this disease. WHO says that this increase has been seen due to the way the corona epidemic has banned the treatment of other diseases. Due to this, the campaign to end this disease has had a negative impact after 2019. Progress to eliminate it slowed down and due to the Corona epidemic, its target was left behind.

Its bacteria attack the liver

According to the report, in the years 2020 and 2021, the cases of TB have increased by about 3.6 percent for every one lakh people in the world. Earlier, a decrease of two percent was recorded every year. It is worth noting that this is an infectious disease which is caused by bacteria. The attack of this bacteria is directly on the lungs. Just as the coronavirus can spread in the air and cause harm to others, it happens in the same way. If it is treated on time, it can be prevented from spreading.

the situation may get worse

WHO says that the way the world is facing many crises at the present time, its situation may get worse. The countries where it has seen the most impact in 2020-21 include India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the report, there was a decrease in TB deaths between 2005 and 2019. An increase has been registered in 2020-21.

Most of the deaths occurred in these countries

The highest number of deaths was recorded in India during this period. It was followed by Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. In the WHO report, it has been feared that if this continues, TB may once again become a major threat to the world. Expressing concern over this, the head of the World Health Organization has said that it is very important to accelerate new research in this regard and its prevention.

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