Two ships of the Australian Navy reached Visakhapatnam, will exercise with Indian Navy

Two ships of the Australian Navy reached Visakhapatnam, will exercise with Indian Navy

Royal Australian Navy ships HMAS Adelaide and Anzac reached Visakhapatnam on Monday morning. Arrived here to practice for the Indo-Pacific Endeavor with the Indian Navy.

Significantly, in the exercise conducted by the Royal Australian Navy in September this year, the Indian Naval Ship INS Satpura participated in the multinational exercise Kakadu-2022.

Exercises being done to strengthen relationships

Let us tell you that with the exercise being done between India and Australia, the relationship between the two countries will be strengthened even more. Indian Navy officials also said in a statement that the ship's participation in various anti-submarine warfare exercises, and anti-ship warfare exercises, is aimed at enhancing mutual understanding at sea between friendly navies.

The Defense Ministry had earlier said that INS Satpura and P-8I maritime patrol aircraft had reached Darwin in Australia earlier this month to participate in the two-week Kakadu exercise by the Royal Australian Navy. These planes reached Australia on 12 September.

INS Satpura is built in India

INS Satpura has been indigenously designed. It weighs 6000 tonnes and is a guided-missile stealth frigate ship. The ship is currently one of the longest deployments by the Indian Navy in the 75th year of India's independence.

The ministry said in a statement on September 13 that ships and seaplanes of 14 countries' navies are participating in the two-week-long exercise, both in port and at sea.

Royal Australian Navy

The Royal Australian Navy is the naval branch of the Australian Defense Force. After the union of Australia in 1901, the ships and resources of the colonial navies were integrated into the Commonwealth Naval Forces, a national force. The Australian Navy was given the title of 'Royal Australian Navy' in 1911. The Royal Australian Navy consists of approximately 50 commissioned ships and over 16,000 personnel. The Royal Australian Navy is one of the largest naval forces in the Pacific.

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