UP CM's gift Huge increase in honorarium of Anganwadi workers, order issued

UP CM's gift Huge increase in honorarium of Anganwadi workers, order issued

 UP Anganwadi workers Salary Hike 2021 Seeing the UP assembly elections 2022 near, CM Yogi Adityanath is giving some gift to everyone. The UP government has increased the honorarium of about 3.73 lakh Anganwadi workers and helpers in the state. After the increase, the new honorarium of Anganwadi workers will be seven thousand rupees, mini Anganwadi workers 5500 and Anganwadi assistants will get an honorarium of four thousand rupees. Only increased honorarium will be available from September 1. Principal Secretary Child Development Services and Nutrition V. Hekali Jhimomi has issued the related order on Tuesday.

Order issued: - According to the related order issued by V Hekali Jhimomi, Principal Secretary, Child Development and Nutrition Department, new standards have been set by linking the incentive amount with the performance. Anganwadi workers will now get Rs 1500 per month along with honorarium, mini Anganwadi workers will get Rs 1250 and Anganwadi helpers will get Rs 750 more.

Will do better work with incentive money :- Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had announced to increase the honorarium in the supplementary budget. For this, the government has made arrangements in the budget of Rs 265.70 crore. The decision to give incentive amount to Anganwadi workers on the basis of performance was taken in the year 2019, but it could not be implemented at that time. By adding incentive money to performance, all Anganwadi workers will do better in their areas.

who will get how much honorarium

Designation (No) : Present Honorarium : Incentive Amount : Total Honorarium

Anganwadi worker (1.89 lakh) : Rs 5500 : Rs 1500 : Rs 7000
Mini Anganwadi worker (18 thousand) : Rs 4250 : Rs 1250 : Rs 5500
Anganwadi helper (1.66 lakh) : Rs 3250 : Rs 750 : Rs 4000

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