Volvo bus going from Bihar to Delhi overturned uncontrollably, more than a dozen passengers injured

Volvo bus going from Bihar to Delhi overturned uncontrollably, more than a dozen passengers injured

A major accident took place on Lucknow-Agra Expressway when a Volvo bus going from Bihar to Delhi overturned after hitting a divider. In which about two dozen passengers sitting were injured. After getting the information, UPDA reached the spot and the local police admitted the brothers to the local health center. From where the seriously injured passengers have been referred to the district hospital, most of the injured are residents of Bihar who were going from Madhubani in Bihar to Delhi. Just after reaching the Auras police station area of ​​Lucknow Agra Expressway, the speeding uncontrolled bus overturned after colliding with the divider. The accident happened due to a splinter. Innocent children are also among the injured. After the incident, the same in the bus got scattered all around.

The Volvo bus going from Bihar to Delhi suddenly went out of control and hit the divider and overturned. There was chaos on the spot after the incident. Shouting started from all around. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the UPDA and Auras police stations also reached. From where the injured were admitted to the Community Health Center. Taking the news of the accident, doctors and nurses were already in the primary health center in the mode.

The names of the injured are as follows

Sujit Kumar 14 years son Pawan resident Madhubani Bihar, Mithilesh Devi 44 years wife Suresh resident Thanbanga Bihar, Reena Devi 44 years wife Ajay resident Bihar, Mohammad Zafarul 35 years Muzaffarpur Bihar, Pramod 50 years Jhanjharpur Madhubani Bihar, Narayan Thakur 25 years Vinod son Vinod Thakur resident Madhubani Bihar, Pari Kumari 6 years daughter Pawan Mukhiya resident Madhubani Bihar, Aryan Kumar 6 years son Dilip Kumar, Rani Devi resident Madhubani Bihar, Manoj resident Bharat Bihar Dwarka New Delhi, Dev Narayan Yadav age 20 years son Achhe Lal resident Madhubani Bihar Sagar 15 son Vinod resident Dwarka New Delhi Mithilesh Kumar age 30 years resident Ratoli Pipada Bihar, Suryanarayan age 18 years resident Kiratpur, Madhubani, Ramu Paswan 55 son Laxman Supaul Bihar,Ramkhelawan 50 son Bindeshwar resident Supaul Bihar Shyam Sundar 32 son Sri Lal resident Ramnagar Gayghat Muzaffarpur Ayushi age 20 years daughter Ramkishan Supaul Bihar Laxman Thakur age 44 years resident Madhubani Bihar etc.

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