Wearing an army uniform to make her husband's dream come true, said- he will be proud

Wearing an army uniform to make her husband's dream come true, said- he will be proud

Among the 186 cadets who passed out from the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, there are many inspiring ones. Among them, there are women who join the army after facing the difficulties of life, and there are also those who leave their corporate job to serve the country.

Another happy picture has emerged from the passing out parade. Another member of a family who has joined the army as an officer is in the third line. Rifleman Rigzin Khandap died in an accident while on duty in Ladakh Scouts. Khandap's wife Rigzin Chorol decides to become an officer in the army after losing her husband. Chorol, who joined the army after 11 months of rigorous training, says, "My husband was in the Ladakh Scouts and wanted to become an army officer. It's like making his dream come true.

Economics graduate, Chorol says looking at her child in her arms, I have joined the army to give it a proud atmosphere. I'm sure my husband would be proud. Chorol is the first Ladakhi woman officer in the army. Similarly, Rudraksh Singh Rajpurohit used to practice in the Supreme Court. Leaving a lucrative career, he joined the army. He told, he has been inspired by Dada. His grandfather used to be a Subedar in the Ordnance Wing of the Army.

Shivani left a corporate job and became lieutenant
This time Lieutenant Shivani Tiwari is in discussion among those who become officers. Actually, Shivani has left a lucrative job at a corporate company and joined the army. Shivani's father is already an officer in the Navy. Shivani's sister Sumedha is undergoing training as a junior cadet at the same Officers Training Academy. Shivani's mother, who is eagerly waiting for the third member of the family to join the army as an officer, says that the children were fond of wearing army uniforms like their father since childhood. He is very happy.

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