When the dead body was removed from the grave after 3 days of burial, the reason will surprise

When the dead body was removed from the grave after 3 days of burial, the reason will surprise

There was panic outside the cemetery located in the Raoji Bazar area of ​​Indore, the economic city of Madhya Pradesh, when the police reached the cemetery to take out the dead body that was buried three days ago. Actually, the relatives of the deceased allege that the elder was murdered. But some people buried the dead body by showing it as a normal death to suppress the incident. At present, after getting permission from the SDM on Tuesday, the body has been taken out from the grave and sent for post-mortem under the supervision of the police. Police say that the situation will be clear only after the report comes.

Giving information in this regard, Raoji Bazar police station in-charge Pritam Thakur said that on September 11, 60-year-old Aslam, a resident of Champa Bagh, who came under the police station area, had died. He lived alone in a rented house in Champa Bagh. After the death, the residents living nearby buried the body of the elderly in the Luniyapura cemetery. At the same time, Aslam's niece was given pictures and videos related to the burial. When niece Nazim Sheikh looked at the photo and video carefully, she saw marks of assault on Aslam's body. Also there was blood on the nose. Nazim suspected the family members of the landlord of thrashing them to death as their dispute was going on.

The body was sent for post-mortem to MY Hospital

On the complaint of the niece, the police and the magistrate woman officer reached the Luniyapura cemetery and with the help of the laborer got the dead body of Aslam excavated by digging the grave. Also, the body has been sent to MY Hospital for post-mortem. The body of the elderly was buried 3 days ago. Police took the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem.

niece of the deceased

The elder's niece Nazim Shaikh alleged that the elder, living in Champa Bagh, was being harassed for a long time by the landlord's brother. The family of the deceased had been living in the house for several generations. The house was more than 2 decades old, but when the elderly people died, their faces were bleeding. Eyewitnesses told the body to be eaten by a mouse. The niece also alleged that, after the death of the elders, preparations were on to bury the dead body, when she went there, the people of the landlord stopped her. During this, the landlord also had a scuffle with him.

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