ICC said after Corona's rise in cases, 'backup' plan for T20 World Cup

ICC said after Corona's rise in cases, 'backup' plan for T20 World Cup

New Delhi: International Cricket Council (ICC) Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geoff Allardyce said on Wednesday that he has a 'backup' (second) plan for the T20 World Cup to be held in India later this year, but at the moment Despite the increase in Kovid-19 cases in the country, they are not thinking of any idea to remove it. The T20 World Cup will be held in India in October-November, but in the last few days, more than one lakh cases are being reported daily in the country.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled to start in Chennai without spectators in the empty stadiums from Friday, despite the increase in Kovid-19 cases. Allardyce said during the virtual media round table, "We are definitely moving forward with the same assumption that the tournament is being held as planned." He said, 'We have a' second plan ', but we have not yet considered those plans. We are working with the Cricket Board of India (BCCI), we have a 'backup' scheme which can be started only when needed. '

Allardyce said, 'We are not oblivious to what is happening around the world and we will continue to keep an update on all these things, how the sports competitions are being organized and how the conditions are in each country. . He said, "Cricket is being played in many countries all over the world, we are learning from all of them and proceeding according to plan." He said, 'We also have a' backup 'scheme which can be started at the right time. We are not anywhere near that time. We have a lot of months to see the situation and how cricket competitions are being organized.

ICC Cricket General Manager Allardyce was recently appointed interim CEO only after Manu Sahni was sent on 'leave'. Australia's 53-year-old Allardyce has played domestic cricket for his country, saying the ICC is also in touch with sports organizations from other countries to understand how they are conducting their tournaments during the Kovid era. He said, "Right now cricket is being played in many countries and we are learning from all of them." He said, 'We are talking to other sports organizations about what they are doing, we are in a good position at the moment but also believe that things are changing fast around the world.

Allardyce said, "In 2 months time is also coming for the World Test Championship finals, but we are going according to plan for both of us". The UAE, which hosted the Indian Premier League last year, could also be the 'backup' venue for organizing this big international tournament. During this conversation he was also asked about the DRS (Umpire Decision Review System) in which the decisions of the umpires are becoming controversial and which Indian captain Virat Kohli described as misleading during the limited-over series against England.

Allardyce said that during the recent ICC board meeting there was a 'good discussion' on DRS. He said, 'DRS was created to replace obvious mistakes. There has been no change in it. He said, 'I think when you watch' replay 'again and again, your normal reaction is what we can do. It should be replaced by a clearly visible mistake. We have reached a situation in which we are using technology to make the right decisions, but it becomes impossible to try for 'perfect'. We are very comfortable where we are now. '

Allardyce admitted that countries are facing challenges in terms of maintaining communication with their respective governments to host cricket matches and tournaments. He is of the opinion that players should get the Kovid-19 vaccinated as soon as possible and the ICC recommendation is the same, although this is beyond the jurisdiction of the top cricketing institution. He said, "I think our medical committee and board are recommending that participants get vaccinated as far as possible." "But the conditions are different in each country where vaccine supply and vaccination availability will be different and where players and international players may also line up," Allardyce said.

"The ICC will not be able to affect it at the national level, but our message is that we will recommend vaccination to the participants of our tournament in future wherever possible," he said. Allardyce also admitted that the Kovid-19 influenced women's sports. He said, "The rhythm that we had set in international cricket in the last three-four years is fantastic. In the last T20 World Cup in Australia between India and Australia, MSG's packed up was a special moment. Kovid then moved in and made it difficult to reestablish women's cricket. But it will be noticed in the next 12 months. 

FC Goa ready for AFC Champions League group stage debut

FC Goa ready for AFC Champions League group stage debut

Madgaon: AFC Champions League football tournament will be held for the first time since Wednesday in India and FC Goa will be the only team from the country to participate in the group stage of the continent's top club football competition. The FC Goa team will clash with Al-Rayan SC of Qatar at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Wednesday and head coach Juan Ferrando is hopeful that the team will be able to take advantage of playing at home.

In this continent's most prestigious club competition, Indian Super League 2019-20 champion FC Goa has been placed in Group E along with Persepolis of Iran, Al-Rayan and Al-Wahda of UAE. The path of the Indian team will not be easy against the team of Al-Rayan, playing under the guidance of former Paris Saint Germain manager Laurent Blanc. Al-Rayan has such legendary players as former FC Porto star Yasin Brahimi and Ivory Coast's Yohan Boli.

It will not be easy for FC Goa to overcome the challenge of strong teams of Persepolis and Al Wahda. Before his league debut, Ferrando described his players' chance to play once in their lifetime against some of Asia's biggest players. FC Goa qualified in the group stage of the 2021 AFC Champions League by winning the ISL Winners League Shield in the 2019-20 season. This is the first time an Indian team is playing in this phase of the competition.