ICC selected the best 5 matches of T20WC 2022, India-Pakistan match at the top

ICC selected the best 5 matches of T20WC 2022, India-Pakistan match at the top

During the T20 World Cup 2022, so far there have been many such matches that have been really exciting whether it is the first round or the Super-12 stage matches. Although Australia's weather spoiled many great matches and took away the joy of the fans, there were some games that changed the points table at the last minute and there were some matches that were breathtaking.

India-Pakistan match at number one

The T20 World Cup is going on in 2022 in comparison to the Super 12 and some matches have been played in it, but the ICC has selected the top 5 matches of this tournament so far. In this, the match between India and Pakistan has been given the first place, in which India under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma succeeded in defeating Babar Azam's Pakistan by 4 wickets. India had to score 16 runs in this match to win in the last over and in a very exciting way, Team India won it.

The Pakistan-Zimbabwe match got second place

The ICC has placed Pakistan-Zimbabwe at number two in its best five lists, in which Babar Azam's team was defeated by one run. Apart from this, the other three matches which have been placed in the list of Top 5 are the matches of the first round. In this, the match played between Scotland and Ireland is at number three. In this, Ireland lost four wickets for 61 runs but then won the match, scoring 176 for 5. Curtis Camper scored an unbeaten 72 for Ireland. Ireland chased the biggest score in their T20 history in this match.

At number four, the ICC has placed the UAE and Netherlands on its list, in which UAE had scored only 111 runs, but this team wreaked havoc on the Netherlands batsmen in the second innings by their bowlers, but this team somehow managed to make a difference. The target was achieved with the ball remaining. The UAE and Namibia are at number five on the ICC list, in which the UAE defended their score and won.

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