MS Dhoni has god-gifted talent, that's why he's such great leader: Suresh Raina

MS Dhoni has god-gifted talent, that's why he's such great leader: Suresh Raina

Out-of-favour India batsman Suresh Raina has lavished high praise on MS Dhoni saying he has never questioned the previous national side skipper's strategies as he reads the sport best from behind the stumps.

Apart from being an important member of the national team during the time of MS Dhoni's leadership, Suresh Raina has also been playing under the captaincy of Dhoni for the IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings.

Raina said twiddling with MS Dhoni not only made him a far better cricketer but also a far better person .

"I have played tons of cricket with him and he helped me become a far better person . He has given India some great players and that we all know that. Everybody plays cricket but it's important for you to be an honest person also . So i would like to thank him for that," Raina said on Sportscreen’s YouTube page.

Recalling the time when he was sent to bat before Ajinkya Rahane within the 2015 World Cup , where he ended up scoring a half-century, Raina said he was curious to understand what keeps on happening MS Dhoni's mind.

“I never questioned his decisions. I remember i used to be having a sandwich or something during our match against Pakistan in World Cup 2015. Suddenly after 20 overs, he said ‘pad-up’. I padded up. Virat was batting rather well and this happened just a couple of overs before Shikhar (Dhawan) got run out. So I got call at the center , played a couple of shots and scored 70-80 runs,” said Raina.

“After the match I asked him why did you sent me up the order? He said, ‘I thought you'll play better against the leg-spinner who was bowling at that time’. He also praised me for my batting. So I also want to understand what goes on in his mind,” Raina added.

Praising Dhoni further, Raina said the 38-year-old features a god-gifted talent which is why he's such a successful leader. MS Dhoni is that the only captain within the history of cricket who was won all the ICC trophies (2007 T20 World Cup , 2011 World Cup , 2013 Champions Trophy).

"Dhoni always thinks one step ahead. The guy who is standing behind the stumps, watching the whole , the cameras, the crowds, that man can’t be wrong. He knows what proportion it's swinging, what proportion the pitch is popping . God has certainly gifted him with some special ability and that’s why he’s been such a successful leader,” Raina said.