Rohit gave an answer to those who questioned the pitch, said - all take advantage of their homes

Rohit gave an answer to those who questioned the pitch, said - all take advantage of their homes

Sports Desk: England suffered a crushing defeat by 317 runs in the second Test match played against India. With this win, India also tied 1-1 in the series. During the match, when England were batting in the first inning, former captain Michael Vaughan questioned the Chennai pitch. Many cricketers had expressed their reaction to this, in which the name of Indian opener Rohit Sharma has also come. During a recent press conference, Rohit said that everyone takes advantage of their homes (home ground). 

In a video released by the BCCI, Rohit Sharma said, "The pitch remains the same for both teams and I don't know why this discussion is happening." If people talk that the pitch should not be like that, the pitch in India has been made like this for years. He said, I do not think there has been or should be any change. All take advantage of their homes (home ground). When we go out to play, it is also there outside, so no one thinks about us whether we have to do this or this, then why should we think. 

The Indian opener said, we should do what we like and do what our team likes. This means the benefit of Home and Away (in another country outside the home). Otherwise you remove this benefit, play cricket like this, tell the ICC to make a rule that the pitch should be like this. Accordingly, the pitch should be made in India and other countries. Rohit said that when we go out, he also makes it difficult for us. 

Rohit said, application of mind during challenging situations is important. Rohit said, as a batsman I also focus on that, prepare your mind in the way the pitch is, that's why you are here. There are so many cricketers who want to play cricket, wherever you are because you understand this situation well. That is why you are chosen to play for India. 

He said, I think that your skill should be shown at a time where the situation is challenging. Although there may be chances that you have to pay for it, but it does not matter, it matters to learn from it. It is the same for our team that the team likes to play in such conditions where all things are against us. When we go to play outside India, we do not complain about the pitch. We play ours and what happens is after which we move forward. I believe everyone should do the same. He finally said talk about cricket and not about the pitch. 

Indo-Pak Express will be back on track, Rohan Bopanna-Aisam-ul-Haq will return after 6 years

Indo-Pak Express will be back on track, Rohan Bopanna-Aisam-ul-Haq will return after 6 years

In the current era, the coming together of India (Pakistan) and Pakistan (Pakistan) seems like a nuisance, but it is happening. Nowhere else on the tennis court. The pair of India's Rohan Bopanna (Rohan Bopanna) and Aisam-ul-Haq of Pakistan, popularly known as Indo-Pak Express, are going to return to the tennis court. With this, the players of India and Pakistan will be seen playing together after a long time.

The Indo-Pak Express will return to the Acapulco ATP 500 tournament to be played in Mexico on 15 March. After six years, the pair will return to the court. Earlier, the pair had appeared in the Schengen ATP 250 tournament. The 40-year-old duo of India and Pakistan will play Philhas together in only one tournament.

Were shown in 2010

The biggest success of the pair, which made headlines due to poor Indo-Pak diplomatic relationship, was the 2010 US Open final, where they lost to the Bryan brothers. Bopanna reached his career-best ranking at that time at the third position. Bopanna had then decided to team up with veteran Mahesh Bhupathi to prepare for the 2012 Olympics. Qureshi told PTI, "Right now we are coming together only to play in Mexico. We have not yet talked about the future. " Asked if this could be a long-term arrangement, Qureshi said, "Hopefully, if it goes well, we can play more tournaments together in the future."

Earlier there were plans to come together

The Pakistani tennis legend said that he was actually trying to enter the Dubai Duty Free Championship simultaneously, but his plan was not successful. He said, "We spent a lot of time together in Australia. We were planning to play in Dubai. He needed a partner and I also needed a partner. So we thought that let's make a team for the Dubai Open, unfortunately we could not qualify for it. Our combined ranking was not of that level but we managed to make it to Acapulco. ”

Decision will be taken later in the future

Whether or not the pair will play together in the future will be decided later. Right now the focus of both of these is on doing well in the upcoming tournament. Qureshi said, "I am very excited. Hopefully, we will play well together and it will be successful. Then we can decide to play some more tournaments together, but at the moment we have come together only for this tournament. I do not know what his (Bopanna) plan is for 2021. They have decided to pair with someone or not. We will see how the situation is. "

Bopanna and Qureshi started the 'Stop War, Start Tennis' campaign to spread the peace message, which also received the 'Earth as humanity' award. The Acapulco ATP 500 tournament will be played from 15 March to 20 March.

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