Why ICC should declare India 2-1 winner in Test series, Indian legend explained the reason

Why ICC should declare India 2-1 winner in Test series, Indian legend explained the reason

The last match of the five-match Test series between India and England was canceled due to Kovid-19. Now this match of this series will be played in 2022 when the Indian team will go to England and only after that the result of this Test series will be announced. Four matches had been played in this Test series and the Indian team was ahead 2-1. Now the fifth test has been canceled, but former India batsman VVS Laxman told why India should be declared the winner of this test series on the basis of this result (2-1).

Laxman wrote in a column for TOI that, after solving this problem of BCCI, now the ICC should declare this Test series 2-1 in India's favor because keeping in mind the fear of Kovid, this Test The plan to cancel the match was perfect. If this was not done then it would not be in the interest of other players and officials. 

Laxman wrote that, in that atmosphere of fear, how can you put players on the field. Not only this, not only the Indian team but also the health of the opposing team could have been affected. In such a situation, canceling this test was the right decision. Although I feel bad for the fans who spent their money to watch this match and were waiting for the match. I hope the ICC will look into this situation and declare India 2-1 in the series, especially after the BCCI has offered to play a Test match in India's tour of England in 2022. 

Laxman further said that the way this Test series ended was sad. The decision was taken only after the kind of circumstances that were created in Manchester. In such a situation it is wrong to play the blame game. For the last one and a half years, no country in the world is safe due to this epidemic, in such a situation it is wrong to blame India. From my experience of the first season of IPL 2021, I can say that, if any member of a team comes positive, then it is impossible not to create fear in you. 

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