21 people who returned to UP from abroad were found infected with Delta variant of Corona, not a single patient of Omicron yet

21 people who returned to UP from abroad were found infected with Delta variant of Corona, not a single patient of Omicron yet

 In Uttar Pradesh, 21 people who returned from abroad have been found infected with the delta variant of Corona. Till now not a single patient of Omicron variant has been found in the state. The Delta variant has a lower infection rate than the Omicron. That is, it spreads less rapidly, but there is a higher risk of death of the patient in it. In such a situation, vigilance has been increased in the state. Genome sequencing of people who have come back from abroad whose corona report is coming positive is being done. A total of 22 samples were sent and one of them turned out to be bad.

Director General of Medical and Health Dr. Vedbrata Singh says that all necessary measures are being taken to prevent corona. The focus testing campaign has been intensified. People coming from outside are being screened at the airport, bus and railway station. Special emphasis is being given on corona investigation. So far, the maximum corona investigation of 8.85 crore people in the country has been done in Uttar Pradesh.

Along with investigation, special emphasis is also being given on surveillance. More than 50 people who came in contact with the corona infected person are being investigated. With the help of 80 thousand monitoring committees, people coming from outside are being monitored. In the second wave of Corona, many people died due to the delta variant. In such a situation, people have been advised to strictly follow the rule of physical distance of two yards and must wear masks.

Alert in hospitals to protect against Omicron: All possible measures are being taken to prevent Omicron in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has geared up for this. The policy of Trace, Test and Treat is being strictly implemented. From now on, the work of increasing beds in hospitals has been started rapidly. Beds are being increased from medical colleges to primary health centers (PHC). All the hospitals have been alerted, that they should make strong arrangements to deal with it from now on. Pediatric ICU (PICU) and Neonatal ICU (NIKU) of 100 beds have been prepared in medical colleges.

Increase in beds from Medical College to PHC: Instructions have been given to all the medical colleges to keep the system completely in order so that there is no difficulty. At the same time, 42 beds are being increased in district hospitals with less than 100 beds and 32 beds in district hospitals with more than 100 beds. It has four beds of ICU and eight beds of HDU. At the same time, all 855 Community Health Centers (CHCs) are being increased from 30 beds to 50 beds and Primary Health Centers (PHCs) are being increased from six beds to 10 beds. At the same time, so far 525 oxygen plants have been started in hospitals in the state. Preparations are being made to start about 25 new oxygen plants soon.

Patients decreased after two days, 10 new infected were found: After two days in Uttar Pradesh, the number of corona patients has decreased. On Monday, 10 new corona patients were found. The maximum four patients have been found in Ghaziabad. Two new patients have been found in Aligarh, one each in Rae Bareli, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Amethi. Earlier, 27 and 29 patients were found on Saturday and Sunday respectively. In the last 24 hours, 1.46 lakh tests of corona were done. Now active cases are 137. So far, a total of 17.10 lakh people have been infected with corona in the state and out of this 16.87 lakh people have become healthy. The recovery rate is now 98.7 percent. At present, maximum 23-23 patients are in Gautam Buddha Nagar and Lucknow respectively. After this there are 22 patients in Mathura. Now there is not a single corona patient in 40 districts. So far, a total of 22911 people have died of corona.

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