About two dozen PCS officers posted in Uttar Pradesh successful in UPSC 2020

About two dozen PCS officers posted in Uttar Pradesh successful in UPSC 2020

Along with the competitive students of Uttar Pradesh, the PCS officers posted here have got a lot of success in the results of the Union Public Service Commission's examination for the year 2020 on Friday.

Shubham Kumar of Bihar has secured the first position in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination 2020. The girls won the second and third place. Jagriti Awasthi, a native of Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been in second place and Ankita Jain in third place. This time a total of 761 candidates have been selected, out of which 545 are male and 216 are female. Still 150 candidates have been kept in the reserve list. UPSC had conducted the exam in 2020 to fill 836 posts.

The results of last year's examination, which came on Friday, have also been very pleasant for more than 20 PCS officers posted on various posts in Uttar Pradesh. Of these, ten are posted on the post of SDM. Shashwat Tripurari, IPS son of CFO Poonam Mishra at UP Bhawan in New Delhi has got 19th rank in UPSC this time. Shashwat Tripurari is set to become an IAS officer of UP cadre. Shashwat Tripurari had topped the IPS in the 2019 batch. Shashwat is currently undergoing training at Police Academy Hyderabad. PCS officer Prakhar has got 29th rank. Prakhar, a Deputy District Magistrate of 2020 batch, is also set to get the Uttar Pradesh cadre in the IAS. PCS officer Sivakasi has got 64th rank. She is the Deputy Collector of the 2020 batch. PCS officer Aditya Singh has got 92nd rank. He is the Deputy Collector of the 2018 batch.

PCS officer Dr Bushra Bano has got 234 rank. Dr Bushra Bano is posted as SDM Tundla in Firozabad. Dr Bushra is the Deputy District Magistrate of 2017 batch. Abhishek Kumar Singh, a PCS officer of 2019 batch, has got 240 rank. PCS officer Priya Yadav is also of 2020 batch. He has got 276 rank. PCS officer Apoorva Bharat has got 363 rank. Apoorva Bharat is the Deputy Collector of the 2018 batch. Rajat Kumar Pal, PCS officer of 2020 batch has got 394 rank. PCS officer Vipin Dwivedi also belongs to the 2019 batch. He has got 557th rank. PCS officer Vishal Srivastava is the topper of the 2019 batch. He has got 591th rank in UPSC exam.  

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