Amrit Sarovar will become a picnic spot, boating will be available, stalls will be set up for food and drink around

Amrit Sarovar will become a picnic spot, boating will be available, stalls will be set up for food and drink around

When the mind starts getting bored due to continuous work or wants to spend some time outside with family, then there will be no need to go far. Amrit Sarovar, being prepared by the Zilla Panchayat, will take you closer to nature. Preparations are underway to develop these lakes as picnic spots. Swings will be installed on the lake premises for the children to play.

The villagers will also be able to have fun by taking a boat tour here. There will be arrangements for food and drink inside the lake itself. After construction, Amrit Sarovar will be handed over to the contractor. This will also increase the income of the Zilla Panchayat. The District Panchayat has made eight Amrit Sarovar in the district. Among them, the most expensive Amrit Sarovar development block is to be built in the Nivadkhas village of Bhagatpur. About one crore 44 lakh 89 thousand 357 rupees will be spent on this.

Here the pond which has been marked to be a lake is near the temple. Every day people visit the temple here. Amrit Sarovar is to be built in Nurpur village of Mohammadpur Bastor, Gram Panchayat of Kundarki development block, for one crore 38 lakh 54 thousand 371 rupees. This is the village of District Panchayat President Dr. Shefali Singh. A pond is also to be built in Mahendri Sikanderpur, the village of Panchayati Raj Minister. About one crore 29 lakh rupees have to be spent on this.

Shishupal Sharma, Additional Chief Officer from District Panchayat told that we will develop Amrit Sarovar as a picnic spot. There are no places to visit in rural areas. Amrit Sarovar will be made in such a way that people can reach with family to roam. A gate will be installed after making the boundary wall of the lake. Food stalls will be set up on the premises themselves. The Zilla Panchayat will give the lake on contract so that the maintenance cost of the lake can be met. In these, the income of the Zilla Panchayat is also expected to increase.

Amrit Sarovar is limited to digging the soil: In the district, 75 ponds have been selected for making Amrit Sarovar. However, the work has not progressed beyond earthworks. In Kasampur village, the work of digging the earth started with MGNREGA funds. But, after walking for a day, it stopped. Similarly, work on Amrit Sarovar in Dungarpur (Kundarki), Mundhapande, Bhagatpur Tanda, Dilari, Bilari, Chajailat, Moradabad, and Thakurdwara blocks has not picked up the pace.

The Kshetra Panchayats have been given the responsibility of making five Amrit Sarovar each. About 30 lakh rupees have to be spent on raw work on a lake. The money will be spent on other work separately. In the absence of a budget, the Kshetra Panchayats are also not taking much interest in making the lake. Project Director, DRDA Satish Prasad Mishra says that 20 percent work of Amrit Sarovar is to be done by August 15. So the work is going on smoothly. The concrete work will be done only after the earthwork is completed.

Block Gram Panchayats' target work started

Bharatpur Tanda 73 11 08

Bilari 98 14 02

Chalet 82 09 18

Delivery 85 10 10

Dungarpur 99 10 04

Moradabad 56 05 00

Mundhapande 76 06 00

Thakurdwara 74 10 13

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