Bihar: Gold worth Rs 1.29 crore was stolen from SBI locker, found out after 16 days, now Saharsa police will go to Nepal!

Bihar: Gold worth Rs 1.29 crore was stolen from SBI locker, found out after 16 days, now Saharsa police will go to Nepal!

 It is astonishing that a big theft took place on April 23 from the locker of SBI Bank in Saharsa district of Bihar and no one even heard the news. The theft of two kg 711 grams, value- 1.29 crores of gold was detected on 9 May. The SIT formed by Saharsa SP Lipi Singh has got many important clues on the matter. In which there is a possibility that the stolen gold may not have been sold in Nepal.

  • Case of theft of gold worth Rs.1.25 crore from Baijnathpur State Bank
  • - The regional manager suspended the accountant and cashier of the bank

Nepalese currency worth lakhs recovered

The gold stolen from SBI Bank is expected to be sold in the neighboring country of Nepal. This possibility has been strengthened after the recovery of Nepali currency worth lakhs from the accused thief arrested in police raid. However, the police is probing where the gold stolen from the bank was sold to whom. After the arrest of the main accused involved in this incident, the SIT team formed on the instructions of SP Lipi Singh, the police got many successes.

It was a good coincidence that within a fortnight of the incident, the secret of the theft was revealed. That is why the thief could not get much time to put the gold somewhere. Some gold including Nepali currency is also reported to have been recovered. Which is still under investigation. The gold stolen from the bank of Saharsa is expected to be sold in many districts including Nepal, Motihari, including Saharsa market. In this case, a woman has also been taken into custody by the police. Which is being questioned.

gold theft case

SBI Baijnathpur branch manager Lalit Kumar Singha told in the application given in Baijnathpur police camp that on May 9, during physical verification of the strong room of the bank branch, gold material related to the gold loan kept in the vault room was not found. On the morning of 10 May itself, it came to the notice of the bank's CCTV footage that this incident was carried out by the bank's sweeper Umesh Mallick.

When the police started their investigation on the basis of the CCTV footage, the matter opened up layer by layer. This is the first incident when thieves stole a bundle of gold jewelery deposited in the bank as a gold loan from a bank.

55 lakh was mortgaged against loan 

48 bank consumers had taken a loan of about 55 lakh rupees from the bank by keeping gold loan. In lieu of the loan amount taken on different dates, the bank had pledged jewelery worth about Rs.1.25 crore. The thieves stole the same jewelery of the pledged people.

There will be no loss to the customers

Regional Manager Vinod Kumar Singh said that the police is investigating deeply in the case of loan theft. Even if the stolen gold is not recovered or not, it will not cause any problem to the gold loanees and will not cause any kind of loss. The bank will return every loanee his jewelery on repayment of the loan. Also, they will be paid according to the current rate. Gold loanees also keep a list of the jewelery deposited in the bank. That's why there won't be any disturbance. The Bank shall at all times be ready for the interests and convenience of the consumers.

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