Bougainvillea city will make Tajnagri, know what is its relation with Brazil

Bougainvillea city will make Tajnagri, know what is its relation with Brazil

 An exhibition of Bougainvillea and Chrysanthemum was organized by Agra Horticulture Club at Colonel Country Greens, Fatehabad Road. The idea was to make Tajnagri the city of Bougainvillea. Bougainvillea is adapted to the city climate and does not require much care.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. SC Sharma, former Director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow. He said that this plant was brought to India from Brazil about 300 years ago. Bougainvillea suits the climate of Agra. Applying it here will help in beautification as well as prevent dust from flying. Dr. Varun Sarkar said that contraceptive and anti-diabetic medicines are made from the extract of bougainvillea leaves. Association of Progressive Schools of Agra President Dr. Sushil Chandra Gupta suggested planting of Bougainvillea saplings by school students and Agra Horticulture Club in the city. Dr. Ranjana Bansal and Lovely Kathuria supported this. Daisy Gujral and Renuka Bhagat suggested planting rare varieties of Bougainvillea species Zulu Queen, Sweet Heart, Sundar Orange, B. zacariana, B. glabra.

Dr. Mukul Pandya exhibited more than 200 varieties of bougainvillea and many types of chrysanthemums from his garden, which was appreciated by the people. The exhibition will remain open for the next seven days from 9:30 am to 1 pm. Horticulture experts Kamaljit Singh and Dr. SC Sharma were honored. Rajiv Vasan, Savita Jain, Sunil Manchanda, Colonel Apoorva Tyagi, Father John Ferreira, Gopal Talan, Sunil Goyal, Deepika Tyagi were present.

the awards they received

In Chrysanthemum, Renu Bhagat stood first, Vibha Gupta and Kanchan Ahuja second and Devyani third. In Bougainvillea, Kanchan Ahuja stood first, Daisy Gujral second and Vaibhav Gupta third. The role of judges was played by Dr. Mansi Ray, Dr. Ranjana Bansal and Lalita. 

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