Chief Minister! Get these basic problems out of Meerut city, hope for facilities

Chief Minister! Get these basic problems out of Meerut city, hope for facilities

Meerut city occupies a different position in the field of sports, education and medical. But when it comes to civic amenities and a perfect city, Meerut lags behind even the neighboring districts. The blazing open drains, roadside garbage dumps, half-completed sewage network tarnish the image of the city. People are troubled by the attacks of stray dogs and monkeys. Now stray animals roam freely and the public are forced to live in cages. Although the talk had arisen that Meerut should be made a smart city, but the common city is ready to be satisfied even with less. It is his wish that if not smart, then Meerut must be a satisfactory city. It is only because of the mess and disorder that the pollution level in Meerut has remained at an alarming level continuously since Diwali. Chief Minister! You are in Meerut today. The people of Meerut, which is called the capital of Western UP, hope that you will get rid of these problems, provide basic facilities.

sewage network

There is no sewer line in 55 percent of the city. The sewage coming out of the houses is flowing directly into the Kali river by flowing into the open drains. The Water Corporation has sent the proposal. Decision needs to be taken from the government level to make 100% sewage network. Also, there is a need to expedite the tender process of 220 MLD STP and get it done within the stipulated period. The situation is so bad that there are no sewer lines in big colonies. Where the dumps have also gone, they are not even connected to the STP, so the untreated sewage flows into the open drains. This ugly picture of a metropolis still haunts the urban system.

open drain

There are 315 small and big open drains in the city. Of these, 14 open drains including Odeon, Abunala-one and two are fatal. pass through the population of the city. Many innocent people have died by falling in them. The Municipal Corporation has sent a proposal to cover the drains twice. But this work could not be started due to lack of decision from the government level.

fear of stray dogs and monkeys

Animal birth control program is not being run in the city. This has led to a huge increase in the population of stray dogs. At the same time, the number of monkeys has also increased in the city. There is a need to take strict steps from the government level to run the campaign of sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination of stray dogs. There are many obstacles in getting the permission of the Forest Department to catch the monkeys and release them in the forest area. It is also necessary to solve this at the government level. Due to the steps taken by the Municipal Corporation to solve the problem of stray dogs, now the common urban has also become hopeless. The process of leaving the tender was started about three months ago for manufacturing OT for sterilization, no one knows what is its status. Till the OT is formed, the Municipal Corporation can also take the help of Cantt Board or Army's RVC for this work, but no initiative has been taken. If the government wants to solve the problems of the people, So fast steps have to be taken in this direction. Even raising the issue of kanji house seems redundant now.

Water evacuation

The city has a big problem. Even though the number of small and big drains is 315, but the drainage is not complete. There is a lack of small drains and drains in the low-lying areas connected with Baghpat Road. The cleaning of big drains is never complete. Without rain, there is a situation of waterlogging in many localities including Lisari Road, Madhavpuram. If the initiative to improve the drainage system is taken from the government level, then the situation can improve.

waste management and disposal

900 metric tonnes of fresh waste is generated in the city every day. Out of this, the Municipal Corporation is able to lift only about 600 metric tonnes of garbage every day. But the city does not have a single plant for the disposal of fresh waste. The Municipal Corporation has sent a proposal to the government to set up a plant for the disposal of fresh waste in the village. A decision has to be taken on this at the government level. Similarly, old garbage is dumped in Lohia Nagar, Gaonadi, Mangatapuram, Kankarkheda Marshall pitch. There are plants for disposal of old dump waste in Lohia Nagar and Gaondi. On running for 10 hours a day, about 450 metric tonnes of garbage can be disposed off from both the waste disposal plants. But there is no arrangement for other places. At the same time, door to door garbage cart is also not enough to collect garbage from house to house and transport it to the dumping ground. The city needs at least 300 garbage vehicles. But there are only 160 present.

shelter center for destitute animals

The number of homeless animals in the city is increasing day by day. There is a cowshed named Kanha Upvan of the Municipal Corporation in Partapur. About 500 cows are present here. Its capacity is also so much, while it is estimated that there will be about 800 destitute animals in the city. They also need shelter center. Homeless animals are roaming on the road. Accidents happen every day. Due to lack of proper treatment, the destitute animals are also not able to get treatment in time.

High Court Bench: Create a Bench, Provide cheap-accessible justice

Meerut : Cheap and accessible justice remains on the agenda of the governments, but in western UP it has been redundant since independence. Whenever there is a demand for setting up of benches for affordable-accessible justice to more than six crore people of western Uttar Pradesh, the ball is thrown in the court of the central state, the state government at the center and sometimes even the Supreme Court. The Chief Minister is coming to Meerut, which is called the capital of Western UP, in such a situation, he should understand the pain of the people of this region and start the process of its formation by clarifying the stand of the government on the demand of the High Court Bench which has been rising since independence. Establishment of West UP High Court Bench, Chairman of Kendriya Sangharsh Committee and President of Meerut Bar Association, Mahavir Singh Tyagi says that the Bench can be established only after the Central Government passes a resolution in the Lok Sabha. The first proposal for the bench was made in the year 1955 by the then Chief Minister Dr. was sent by Sampurnanand to the Central Government. The second proposal went in the year 1968. Mayawati had also sent a proposal when she was the Chief Minister. The movement for the bench started in the year 1978. Since 1981, strike is being held on Saturdays every week in 22 consecutive districts. 

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