Chinese Espionage Case: Clubs of Delhi-NCR become spy sites of Chinese citizens

Chinese Espionage Case: Clubs of Delhi-NCR become spy sites of Chinese citizens

After the arrest of both Chinese nationals on the suspicion of spying on the Indo-Nepal border, many secrets have come to the fore. During interrogation, it has been found that the Chinese national who gave shelter to both the Chinese nationals in India was living in a live-in relationship with a girl named Petekh Renuo for the last year. Petekh hails from Kohima, Nagaland. The two met a year ago at a pub located in Sector 29, Gurugram. The closeness grew and both of them started living in Jaypee Greens Society of Greater Noida live-in. Sources have claimed that Su Fei began taking Petek's help in espionage. In return, he used to transfer huge amounts to her account.

When the police caught both of them at the hotel in Gurugram, Petekh identified herself as Sufi's wife. When the police investigated, it was found that Su Fei was previously married. His two wives and three children live in China. Petek is 22 years old while Su Fei is 36 years old. He was taking the help of a girl 14 years younger than him by trapping her in a love trap.

Voter ID card made at the address of JP Greens

Surprisingly, Nagaland's girl, living live-in in JP Greens Society with a Chinese citizen, got the Aadhar card made at the address of JP Greens, being the Aadhar card there. A voter ID card was also made at this address. All this is being considered a lapse in the security of the country.

The flat was taken through a broker

Police investigation revealed that the Chinese national had rented a flat in the month of October last year in Jaypee Greens Society through broker Anil by furnishing forged documents. Two Chinese nationals staying at this flat were caught on the Indo-Nepal border.

different addresses on fake visa

To create a fake visa, Sufi has inscribed the address of Sector 92 of Noida on it. It is suspected that he lived in Noida before taking the flat in Jaypee Greens.

Police engaged in checking account details

Police have got information about the bank account of Chinese national Sufi and his female friend. The police will contact the bank and check the account that how much amount has come from where. This can prove to be an important clue for the police in the case of financial fraud.

Petekh's sister also lives in Greater Noida

In police interrogation, Petekh Renuo, a female friend of a Chinese national, has told that her elder sister also lives with her male friend in Greater Noida. Petekh has previously worked in a beauty parlor.

LIU and IB are interrogating

LIU and IB are interrogating Chinese national Sufi and his female friend. Due to the long time of Chinese citizens in India, Hindi is also being understood. He is being questioned in both Hindi and Chinese.

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