CM Yogi said on SP in the House, “Why is every socialist criminal?

CM Yogi said on SP in the House, “Why is every socialist criminal?

Lucknow: In the Legislative Assembly today, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath once again took on the opposition in response to the discussion on the budget address. He said that Uttar Pradesh was a sick state in the pre-2017 government. UP was number one among the sick states of the country, but after the ruling of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the situation has changed. People are witnessing change due to the work culture of the government. Appreciating the budget presented by the Finance Minister, the Chief Minister said that this time budget is being appreciated everywhere on the lines of the budgets presented earlier.

Industrial houses praised the budget.

Former administrative and financial services officials and industrial houses have praised the budget. The budget is better managed to overcome the problems caused by the Corona epidemic. The Chief Minister said that people who have nothing to do with politics are also appreciating the budget. Financial management has been done to make the government-run women and girls schemes more effective. The schemes launched by the government in the last four years have proved to be milestones and other states are also following it. The Chief Minister said that since the formation of the government in the state, where traditional industries have increased, there has also been an increase in exports.

Will make UP number one in terms of economy - Chief Minister

Describing the budget as an inclusive budget, the Chief Minister said that it has moved forward with a theme. Within four years, Uttar Pradesh has become the second state in the country in terms of economy. He assured that UP will be made number one in terms of economy when it forms government again. In previous governments, the budget used to be cumin in the camel's mouth, but this time it is not so. UP has now become the new Uttar Pradesh of the new India. Four million people have got houses in four years. And a large number of people have been given free electricity connections.

Why is every socialist criminal - chief minister

In his response, the Chief Minister took on the opposition party Samajwadi Party and said that the main accused who has come out in the incident of Hathras is directly related to the Samajwadi Party. He also questioned the House "Why is every criminal a socialist, and why is every criminal a socialist?" The victim of the Hathras incident is openly taking the name of the socialist leader.

As soon as the Chief Minister said this, there was a situation of noise in the house. He advised SP members that they should make a habit of accepting the truth. He said that the government's action plan has proved effective in dealing with the global pandemic that occurred last year. The work of vaccination which has started in the state is being given momentum. It is not a mistake to believe that not only the state revenue but also the general public have been affected by the corona. He said that keeping in view the future in the budget, a provision has been made to start and run the projects.

CM Yogi congratulated the people of the state on the occasion of Ramadan, this appeal

CM Yogi congratulated the people of the state on the occasion of Ramadan, this appeal

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath extended hearty greetings and best wishes to the people of the state on the occasion of Ramadan and said that Uttar Pradesh is an example of harmony, brotherhood and cultural unity. Keeping this heritage and tradition intact, people should do religious work at home during Ramadan in view of Corona virus infection.

According to the official statement released on Tuesday, in his greeting message, the Chief Minister said that good works like Roza, service to humanity, service to God in the Pak days of Ramadan promotes values ​​like patience, self discipline, tolerance, simplicity etc. This strengthens the feeling of mutual love and brotherhood.