CM Yogi said on UP Budget - This budget is in line with the spirit of self-reliant UP

CM Yogi said on UP Budget - This budget is in line with the spirit of self-reliant UP

Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh on Monday presented a budget of Rs 55,0270 crore in the Assembly for the financial year 2021-22. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna presented a budget proposal of Rs 55,0270 crore through the tablet. After which Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath congratulated everyone for the public welfare paperless budget while giving a press conference. He said that this budget will prove to be a milestone under Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Faith. The budget here is in keeping with the spirit of self-reliant UP.

The Chief Minister said in his address that this budget will prove to be important for the work of electricity, water, roads and every hand of every village. E-cabinet meeting has started from today. The size of this budget is Rs 37,410 crore more than the previous financial year. The structure of UP's Navnirman is also contained in this budget.

Big things of CM Yogi on the budget

The budget will be the medium to give rise to new possibilities of UP.
This budget is beneficial for the development of the state
There will be new ones in the board where there is no state university
Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Scheme for Competitive Examiners for Youth
Unorganized sector workers will get free treatment up to 5 lakhs
Playground, open gym will be built in every village
This budget will prove to be a milestone in the development of the state

Gur Mahotsav in Lucknow: CM will start from March 6, UP will get so much benefit

Gur Mahotsav in Lucknow: CM will start from March 6, UP will get so much benefit

Lucknow: The two-day state jaggery festival is going to begin in March in the capital city of Lucknow. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is going to inaugurate the Gur Mahotsava starting from 6 March. The properties of jaggery will be discussed in the festival. Experts of AYUSH department will tell about the medicinal properties of jaggery.

Inauguration of the two-day State Gur Festival in Lucknow

In fact, after the Strawberry Festival in Jhansi, now the Yogi Government is going to organize the Gur Festival in Lucknow. On March 6, CM Yogi will inaugurate the Gur Mahotsava by inaugurating it. The purpose of this festival is to make people aware of the characteristics of jaggery and promote it from the point of view of production. People from many departments will join it.

CM Yogi will inaugurate jaggery festival on 6 March

In such a situation, the experts of the AYUSH department will tell about the medicinal properties of jaggery during the jaggery festival. The subject experts will discuss the possibilities of jaggery and its by-products. This discussion will cover topics like packaging and marketing, e-business, e-marketing and export potential. Those making fine jaggery products will also share their experiences.

At the same time, experts of the sugarcane department will discuss about co-harvest farming, improved species to make sugarcane farming more beneficial.

The quality of jaggery will be discussed in the city of Nawabs

The entrepreneurs associated with the production and trade of jaggery will tell about the various aspects related to cutting edge technology, product variety, storage, marketing and export available for the production of jaggery.

Not only this, the three stall makers who make the best jaggery products will also be honored by the government. The program will be held on 6 and 7 March at the Indira Gandhi Foundation in the capital.

Experts of AYUSH department will tell about the medicinal properties of jaggery

Explain that jaggery has a special place in the Indian tradition. It is needed from puja thali to food thali. Traditionally, there are many idioms about jaggery due to the inhabited form. Charaka Samhita also mentions the medicinal properties of jaggery. Even in jaggery, iron, calcium and essential minerals are found in more quantity than sugar.

Jaggery market will increase in UP, will get employment

On the other hand, jaggery is produced in local and small scale cottage industries in the state. Presently, 261 power crushers and about 5650 crushers are producing jaggery in UP. In such a situation, jaggery and its processed products will also become a source of employment at the local level.

Sugarcane is the most important cash crop of the state. Therefore, with the development of the jaggery industry through jaggery and its processed products, sugarcane farmers will get better income by getting better prices nearby. Its benefits will be available to all those associated with the farmers, such as entrepreneurs belonging to industry, entrepreneurs of production and trade, manufacturers of machinery used in jaggery production and consumers of jaggery.

Best three stalls will be rewarded

Giving information about the Good Festival, Additional Chief Secretary Ganna Sanjay Bhusreddy said that the purpose of the event is to make people aware of the medicinal benefits of jaggery. With this, molasses producers have to be motivated to make quality jaggery and related products. This festival will be a means of better coordination between jaggery producers, technicians, machinery manufacturers and buyers. In this, stalls will be set up by the jaggery growers of the country and the state.

ODOP will also get encouragement

Good festival will not only benefit farmers but will also boost ODOP. Significantly, sugarcane is the ODOP (one district, one product) of Muzaffarnagar and Ayodhya districts. The Chief Minister is very serious about his favorite scheme. This is the reason that the first jaggery festival was held in Muzaffarnagar. Its organization in Lucknow will inspire the cane farmers of Purvanchal including Ayodhya to make processed products of jaggery.

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