Cyber ​​Fraud: 9 lakh rupees missing from army army jawan's bank account in Muzaffarpur, know how online fraud happened

Cyber ​​Fraud: 9 lakh rupees missing from army army jawan's bank account in Muzaffarpur, know how online fraud happened

The miscreants of the cyber fraud gang took away nine lakh rupees from the bank account by loading the wrong app. In this case, Army Jawan Dayanand Pandey of Sakra Bakhri has lodged an FIR in the University Police Station. Police say that the matter is being investigated by registering a case.

It was told that the applicant is posted in Arunachal Pradesh Tenga. They have an account in SBI BU campus branch. His Yono app got locked on 27th November. After this, he took out the customer care number of Yono through Google. After contacting it, it was told that by going to the Play Store, download the app named Any Desk. He loaded the said app. After this a call came on his number, in which he said to check the balance. On this he checked the balance. After this a call came again that the user id and password has been sent to your Gmail, open it. After opening it, he was asked to touch the photo. The young man did this. After this the reply was received that the server is not working and the phone got disconnected.

Again the call came from another number. It said that the expiry number of the card should be given which the applicant told. Then it was told that another call would be made and the phone got disconnected. After this a call came from the first number and it was said that your credit card link in Yono, take a photo of it. On asking the reason, the reply was received that he does not have to be sent, only to go back and forth. In the midst of all this process, nine lakh two thousand rupees were blown away from his bank account and credit card account in four times.

On complaining I kept getting reply that the server is not working. Your account will be credited, but it has not happened. Then he realized that he had been cyber-frauded. Here, Abhishek Kumar, Chief Manager of SBI BU Campus Branch said that the customer's YONO was locked. In this situation the app gets unlocked automatically within 24 hours. The customer called on the wrong number due to which he became a victim of cyber fraud. An FIR has been lodged in the university police station in the matter. The police is cooperating with the investigation. The details of the amount transfer from the bank account are being extracted.

IT Act was not imposed in the FIR : In the case, a case was registered by the police under simple sections. Whereas it is mandatory to apply IT Act when the case comes under cyber fraud. But, the police of the University police station did not do so.

Ongoing problem in SBI Yono : There is a continuous technical problem in the SBI Yono app. Due to this the customers of the bank are upset. Even after complaining on the toll free number, the response is not being taken properly.

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