Cyber ​​thugs robbed Rs 57 crore from people by luring them, many cases are registered in cyber police stations of Uttar Pradesh

Cyber ​​thugs robbed Rs 57 crore from people by luring them, many cases are registered in cyber police stations of Uttar Pradesh

Cyber ​​thugs are targeting people on a daily basis by giving them other incentives ranging from jobs and lottery. This can be gauged from the fact that under the cases registered in the cyber police stations of Uttar Pradesh, cyber thugs have looted more than Rs 57 crore of people's hard earned money, while there are many such cases in which the victim reaches the police station. Not only. That is, the figure of the actual amount of the fraud is bigger. Now you can definitely save your hard earned money from being robbed with caution and vigilance. For this, while receiving a call from a stranger number, be very careful in the conversation and do not share any bank related information with anyone. Before sharing the information related to the bank on any website also, take steps after thinking a hundred times.

For the first time in Uttar Pradesh, in the year 2016, two cyber police stations were established in Lucknow and Gautam Budh Nagar. In view of the rapidly increasing cases of cyber crime, the government opened 16 more cyber police stations in the year 2020. Established one cyber police station at each zonal headquarters level. If we look at the figures of the cases registered in these police stations and the amount cheated from the victims, then they are warning. In the total cases of fraud registered so far in cyber police stations, an amount of more than Rs 57 crore has been seized. By arresting the cyber thugs, the police could recover only two crore rupees from them. In cases where fraud was reported in time, about five crore rupees were frozen in bank accounts.

Steps have been taken by registering a total of 629 cases in cyber police stations, but recovery of money looted by cyber thugs has always been a big challenge for the police. Cyber ​​thugs grab the money very easily by using fake SIMs and fake documents as weapons. Even through e-wallets, the challenges of getting clues for the police are increased by sending the cheated money from one account to another.

Life's capital came out in a jiffy: Ramlakhan Choudhary, a retired sub-inspector from the police department, got a call from a stranger number. When the phone was received, the cyber thug very cleverly said that your pension account has to be updated. The thugs shared many such personal information, due to which Ramlakhan fell into the trap and shared the confidential information of his account. After sometime Rs 10 lakh was withdrawn from his account. Many more such retired policemen fell prey to swindlers and their life's capital went out of the bank in a jiffy.

The cost of trust is 40 thousand rupees: Deepak, a resident of Lucknow, had to pay the price of trust on a stranger by losing 40 thousand rupees. The caller talked as a friend and told Deepak about being trapped in compulsion. Quoted that he does not have a UPI account and asked him to open the link sent to him. After clicking on the link, 40 thousand rupees were withdrawn from Deepak's account.

Account information obtained by fraud: A message came to Motilal, a resident of Lucknow, in which his KYC was not updated. He got caught. The worry of not getting into any trouble increased so much that he called on the number given in the message. The person receiving the call introduced himself as an employee of a telecom company and took Motilal under his influence. The thugs obtained information about his account by bluffing him and after some time 60 thousand rupees were grabbed from his account.

Complaint immediately on the helpline number 155260: ADG Cyber ​​Crime Ramkumar says that the helpline number 155260 has been started to save the amount cheated in the cases of cyber fraud. This helpline number has also been linked to UP 112, so that the cheated amount can be frozen in the bank accounts as soon as the complaint of cyber fraud is received. The ADG has asked people to immediately register a complaint on this number as soon as there is a financial fraud.

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