Demand to release water in the dry lower Ganges canal

Demand to release water in the dry lower Ganges canal

The Lower Ganga Canal, which plays a major role for irrigating farmers' crops, has been dry for a month. There has been a demand to release water for irrigation of wheat and potato crops standing in the fields of farmers. Thousands of bighas of crops are the main means of irrigation for the farmers of dozens of villages of the lower Ganga canal area passing through Unchagaon, Narsena and provocatively, but due to lack of water in the canal for the last one month, the problems of the farmers have started increasing.

Farmers Praveen Kumar, Raju Rana, Kamal Singh, Mahendra Singh, Gajendra Singh, etc. told that wheat and mustard were sown. More than a month has passed since this. Now the wheat, mustard, and potato, sugarcane crops standing in the fields need water, but due to the lack of water in the canal, the farmers are getting worried about the irrigation of the crop. The farmers have demanded the release of water from the top officials of the canal department to irrigate the fields. water conference organized

Dialogue thread, Dibai: A water dialogue seminar was held at Rajghat on Monday to make people aware about the importance of storing water.

In the seminar organized at Raghunath Barah Saini Inter College, District Youth Officer Akarsh Dixit, who came from Nehru Yuva Kendra, said that water is very important in life. Don't waste it and save water. He explained in detail about water harvesting. Many people present during the program expressed their views about the importance of water. On this occasion, Pravesh Kumar, Principal of the college, Amit Kumar Pathak from Namami Gange Project, Laxman Tiwari, Vedprakash Samar, Natwar Singh, Pawan Shamar, environmental friend Pankaj Kumar, Harimohan, volunteer Kapil Kumar Shamar, founder of Karnavas of Maa Bhagirathi Seva Trust Dignitaries including Advocate Ved Prakash were present.

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