Dense fog disturbed, cold wave making numb

Dense fog disturbed, cold wave making numb

The cold weather is increasing. Also the fog bothered me. The sun did not come out even after the fog had cleared, because there were clouds. The cold wave continues. The maximum temperature was 14.7 and the minimum was 4.6 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature on Thursday was 15.7 and the minimum was 5.6 degrees Celsius.

There was a thick fog since early morning on Friday. In such a situation, the drivers had to face a lot of problems due to poor visibility. Even after lighting the headlights and fog lamps, the speed of the vehicles remained low. By about 10:30 in the morning, the fog had almost cleared, but the sun did not come out as the sky was covered with clouds. The feeling of cold was much more than the previous days. The cold intensified further in the evening. The wind was light, but very cold. In such a situation, people looked completely paralyzed with warm clothes. Seeing the bonfires burning at all the squares of the city, people stopped and after heating for some time moved forward. As the night progressed, the mercury dropped and the streets became silent. At the same time, scorching disease is increasing continuously in the potato crop.

Agricultural scientist Dr. Vikas Malik told that the sun is not coming out and there was a lot of rain in the past. Early blight disease is spreading more in potatoes. At the same time, the risk of late blight disease is increasing. take care of children

Pediatrician Dr. Ajay Saini told that children should be dressed in warm clothes according to winter and give more fluids in food. If it is very cold in the morning and evening, then keep the child in the room. Cold diarrhea patients have increased due to cold. Its symptoms are cold, fever, cough and diarrhea-vomiting. Babies can wear diapers to stay dry at night. However, there are not many cases of pneumonia.

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