Dr. Rajendra Prasad Birth Anniversary: ​​This movement of Mahatma Gandhi changed the direction of life of Rajendra Babu

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Birth Anniversary: ​​This movement of Mahatma Gandhi changed the direction of life of Rajendra Babu

 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Birth Anniversary: ​​In childhood, Rajendra Babu's mother used to recite bhajans and Ramayana to him in the morning. It had a great impact on his life. Since childhood, the spirit of serving his country and society was strong in his mind. After studying jurisprudence from the University of Calcutta, if he wanted, he could have got a good government post. But there was neither any kind of avarice in him nor did he have the greed to earn money. There was only one feeling in his heart, that was to serve his country. Rajendra Babu took up the creative work of Mahatma Gandhi in his own hands. This creative program brought good awareness in the country. This produced self-supporting and fearless workers.

Rajendra Prasad was influenced by Gandhi's ideas

Rajendra Babu gave great importance to all the creative work of Bapu. To adopt the path of non-violence, he took this easy path. He adopted and promoted Khadi in this form. Rajendra Babu used to use everything he needed indigenously from the time of Swadeshi movement, but when he was with Bapu, he adopted Khadi and gave it the same place in the Congress constitution, which is the place of truth and non-violence for achieving Swarajya. was received. Rajendra Babu had a great impact on the Swaraj movement led by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Rajendra Babu was playing an active role in Champaran at the time when the Satyagraha movement was being run in Champaran. This Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi was very successful and it was here that he got a devoted, patriotic and courageous follower like Rajendra Babu.

Followed in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life

Rajendra Babu had devoted himself in the freedom movement and he remained engaged for the upliftment of the nation in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life. The non-cooperation movement under his leadership was quite successful. For this he toured the entire province and addressed meetings. Due to which there was awareness among the public. Today we have to cooperate in building such an India, where everyone gets equal opportunity of progress, there is no discrimination between poor and rich, no one remains uneducated and no one dies of hunger. Let the voice of unity resonate in our country and promote brotherhood. Keeping all these things in mind, we have to protect our country, which we can get from the inspiration of sacrifice and sacrifice made by Late Rajendra Prasad. Rajendra Babu's life was like the life of a political saint. He had no enemies, all were his friends.

Rajendra Prasad in the eyes of great men

Late Sarojini Naidu had said that - 'To write something about Rajendra Babu's life, one needs a golden pen dipped in honey'. Not only did Rajendra Babu contribute in the attainment of independence, but after attaining independence, in the capacity of the President of the Constitution, he also had an important contribution in the making of the Constitution. He was the first President of India for twelve years and he enhanced the dignity of this post. Dr. Radhakrishnan once said 'Dr. Rajendra Prasad was imprinted on Janak, Buddha and Gandhi. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, had said that 'the first twelve years of our republic will be immortalized in history as the Rajendra period'. For our generation, Rajendra Babu is an ideal, from whom lakhs of youth have been influenced and ready to build the nation.

Rajendra Babu wrote..

Freedom is the birthright of all countries and their inhabitants. We Indians are unfortunately not free today. But we have decided that we too will remain independent. The experience of dependence tells us how much it has degraded us mentally, intellectually, economically and politically and for our progress, to live our lives and to take our worthy part in the service of the world, this dependence must be removed. We want that all the inhabitants of this country should be happy, hunger and poverty, disease and ignorance, discrimination among themselves, the evil spirit of untouchables should be removed from here, all without regard to religion, caste, caste and class. All the resources should be available which is necessary for progress and development. Our efforts to achieve these great objectives, Much depends on sacrifice and perseverance. We have accepted the reliance of non-violent measures for their attainment. Today we again awaken our aspirations and hopes this time and take a pledge that we will make the country free and provide it with the wealth that comes from freedom.

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