Examinations help in intellectual and mental development of students Aligarh news

Examinations help in intellectual and mental development of students Aligarh news

Under the aegis of Philanthropy Social Service Organization, under the aegis of Rural Pratibhakhoj Mission, essay writing competition for school children was organized in Vijay Vidyalaya Inter College, Tochigarh in the memory of martyr Jugendra Singh Thanuan. The topics of the essay competition were environmental pollution, road safety, water conservation, problem and solution of corruption, population control, dowry is a curse, martyr of India, clean India etc. A total of 186 students took part in the competition.

The ill effects of air pollution were told

Jatan Choudhary, president of the examination coordinator, said that by participating in competitive examinations, the intellectual and mental abilities of the students are developed. The desire to move ahead is awakened in the student, he tries to give his best. After the examination, all the students were appealed to appeal to the farmers around them not to burn stubble and plant more and more saplings to prevent environmental pollution. Regarding the ill-effects of air pollution, it was told that if the ozone layer continues to thin like this, then it will not be able to stop the ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth and human life will be affected in this way – due to ozone depletion, the temperature of the earth will increase. Skin cancer is caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. There will be a change in the genetic traits. Human blood circulation will decrease. Tree. The rate of photosynthesis in plants will decrease. Ozone will lead to acid rain.

Charity organization doing commendable work for the development of children

Praising the work of the public interest of the school, Principal of the school Devendra Kumar said that the charity organization is doing very commendable work for the physical and mental development of the children of rural areas and organizes competitions from time to time. On this occasion, Chaudhary Gulab Singh, Pramod Kumar, Devesh Pandey, Akhilesh Kumar, Vijay Prakash, Pradeep Upadhyay, Mukesh, Anoop Sharma, Om Prakash Singh, Arun Kumar Kaushal, Goldie Chaudhary, Rahul Kumar, Gunjan Gautam, Sandeep Chaudhary, Vandana, Priyanka, Tina Thakurela, etc.

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