Fear of Omicron, eyes on 212 returned from abroad

Fear of Omicron, eyes on 212 returned from abroad

The sound of Omicron, a new variant of Corona, has raised the concern of the Health Department. In the last two months, 253 people have come to the district from abroad. Of these 55 passengers who came in October, only 31 have been tracked. Their report has come negative. 14 foreigners who came in October are still left. Tracking of 198 foreigners who came in November is yet to be done. The Health Department is keeping an eye on the remaining 212 foreigners. The department is constantly trying to know their status, but they could not be traced.

The Surveillance Cell has sent a list to all the block superintendents for tracking the people who have returned from abroad. Will send health workers from village to village and get the tracking of foreigners done. After tracking, these will be continuously monitored through ASHA, ANM. Along with tracking, more emphasis is being laid on testing and treatment.

There will be no oxygen shortage now: The oxygen shortage, which was a major cause of death in the second wave, has been diagnosed this time. Two oxygen generator plants are operational in the District Joint Hospital premises. A plant is being built. Central oxygen supply at 70 beds, oxygen concentrator facility at 10 beds is also available in this hospital. Oxygen concentrators are available on two beds each in four community health centers in rural areas, Utraula, Nandnagar, Khujaria, Tulsipur. An isolation ward of 10-10 beds has also been made here.

Preparation to speed up investigation: There is a preparation to speed up the investigation in the district regarding Omicron. The district has a target to conduct 1500 RTPCR and 800 antigen tests daily. The Chief Medical Officer has directed all the superintendents to collect at least 150 samples for RTPCR and conduct 80 tests with antigens. So far, samples of eight and a half lakh people have been taken. Of these, about four lakh RTPCRs and about four lakh antigens and 2200 tRNA tests have been done. A total of 7494 people have been found infected. 138 died. 7356 people have become healthy. At present the positivity rate is 0.97 percent and recovery is 98.15. The contract tracing is 22.54 per case. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sushil Kumar said that preparations for rescue from Omicron are complete.

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