Good news for the students of CCSU, now the library of the university will open 24 hours a day.

Good news for the students of CCSU, now the library of the university will open 24 hours a day.

In order to create a learning environment in the Chaudhary Charan Singh University campus and to provide maximum time to the students, preparations are on to open the Raja Mahendra Pratap Library 24 hours a day. Keeping in mind the safety of the girl students, a time will be fixed for them at night. At the same time, it is being considered to give students a chance to study late at night or even in the morning. In this regard, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sangeeta Shukla also held a meeting on Wednesday to fix the security arrangements of the campus. After making adequate security arrangements, the final decision will be taken on the timetable and arrangement of the library. Presently the library is open from 8 am to 10 pm.

Digital libraries will be connected with educational institutions around the world

To further enrich the digital library in the university library, books from all the major educational institutions of the world will be added to it. In this, the number of e-books will be increased so that the access of the students can increase. E-journals, research papers, etc. on various subjects will also be increased. All the material will be provided in the university library along the lines of the National Digital Library.

University to form alumni network

All the big politicians, industrialists, and dignitaries sitting in high positions in various government and non-government departments of western UP have come to Ch. Studied at Charan Singh University. The university is connecting all such old students with itself. According to the Vice-Chancellor, an alumni network will be formed by connecting the old students. Especially such old students will be added who can provide financial help to the university. In this regard, an alumni fund has also been created, in which Cantt MLA Amit Agarwal, who was an alumnus of the university, and Dharmendra Bhardwaj, member of the Legislative Council, have also provided Rs 11-11 lakh. This fund will be used for the welfare and development works of the university.

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