Gorakhpur needs IIT: If there is no IIT in Gorakhpur there will be no escape of merit

Gorakhpur needs IIT: If there is no IIT in Gorakhpur there will be no escape of merit

Talking about Gorakhpur and its surrounding area, every year more than 400 meritorious candidates are selected in JEE Advanced i.e. IITs. It does not include the western region of the neighboring state of Bihar. If that is also included, then around 500 students go from Purvanchal to study in various IITs of the country. If IIT is established in Gorakhpur, then the migration of Purvanchal's intelligence to study in a higher technical institute will stop. This is to say that the teachers and operators of coaching institutes, due to whose efforts a large number of meritorious people have been selected every year, but they are not able to stop the migration of meritorious people due to lack of IIT in Gorakhpur.

Gorakhpur represents a large area

Coaching operators say that IITs have been established in many small places of the country, but Gorakhpur, which represents a large area, is still untouched by it. If we talk about the nearest IIT from Gorakhpur, then any such institute is at least 250 km away. These institutes include IITs of Kanpur, Varanasi and Patna. This is the reason why the establishment of IIT in Gorakhpur is very important. Coaching operators and teachers are telling two options for its establishment. First to get the status of IIT by upgrading Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology and secondly to establish an independent IIT other than University of Technology. However, his emphasis is on setting up an independent IIT like AIIMS. This is the reason that all the coaching operators and teachers are strongly supporting this campaign of Jagran.

What are coaching directors called?

Coaching Director Sanjeev Kumar says that in view of the geographical location of Gorakhpur and the total population of the surrounding districts, there is a dire need of an IIT in Gorakhpur. According to the population, the number of students preparing for IITs has also increased in the last few years. A large number of students are also getting selected. After selection these students are moving to other cities, so Purvanchal is being deprived of their service. If it happens here, the number of startups will increase, which will lead to industrial and technological development of the area.

IIT in Gorakhpur will be a big gift for students

Coaching Director Arvind Tripathi says that every year a large number of students have to move to big cities to pursue engineering from a highly advanced technical institute. If IIT opens in Gorakhpur, it will be a big gift for the meritorious students of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Western Bihar. They will not have to go to other cities for the best technical education. If he studies Gorakhpur, then the benefit of his intellect will be given to the entire Purvanchal including Gorakhpur. By studying at home, he will also be able to show his intelligence to the fullest.

The trend of students of Purvanchal increased towards IIT

Coaching Director Rajnish Singh says that in the last few years, the trend of students of Purvanchal towards IITs has increased rapidly. In view of this, dozens of coaching institutes have opened in Gorakhpur. A large number of students are also getting selected from every institute. The city whose youth has so much attraction towards IIT and there is no IIT, it is a matter of shock. According to my understanding, Gorakhpur has the merit of establishing IIT both from the geographical and educational point of view. In such a situation, I strongly support the campaign of Jagran.

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