Harassment of building owners due to the nexus of revenue inspector, clerk and broker in house tax

Harassment of building owners due to the nexus of revenue inspector, clerk and broker in house tax

 The link to the mingling of house tax is related to clerks, revenue inspectors and touts. Dalal means a person who is not an employee of the Municipal Corporation, but in his capacity as a Municipal Corporation employee, mediates in reducing the house tax. The situation is that under the protection of the officers, at some places even the peon has taken care of the house tax assessment.

In Zone 4 of the Municipal Corporation, an amount of several lakhs was being sought for increasing and then reducing the house tax. In Lok Mangal Diwas, when a similar case came before Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia and Municipal Commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi, the veil was raised due to the disturbances of Revenue Inspector Namita Singh and Clerk Amarnath Verma. Both have been found guilty of unnecessarily harassing the owner of the building and arbitrarily assessing the tax. Departmental proceedings have also started with giving chargesheet to both.

Vikram Varyani, a resident of Vishalkhand 1/50 of Gomti Nagar, had complained that the checks given for the payment of house tax of his building CP-008 Development Block (Harsh Palace) were bounced by overwriting the checks. The investigation report revealed that revenue inspector Namita Singh and clerk Amarnath Verma, repeatedly revising the assessment of the said building, harassed the building owner, while the assessment year 2010 and 2014 should have been revised accordingly. . Overwriting of 28 lakhs was done on the check of 20 lakhs for the payment of house tax.

many messy faces

Mental harassment of building owners is done by increasing the house tax in the Municipal Corporation. The desired amount is also sought for deducting house tax. Now a few days back, a similar scam was caught on Mohan Road. House tax was assessed on the building number 599MR/17N of Late Ram Chander Gupta on Mohan Road. Revenue Inspector Azad Ahmed posted in Zone 6 had done the assessment by showing two times the area of ​​the building. When the building owner complained to Municipal Commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi, the revenue inspector's neck got stuck in the investigation.

Upon investigation, it was found that 465 sq. ft. was a one-floor building and the same was assessed from the year 2010. People were also living in the building which was more than 20 years old. Two shops of one hundred feet each were also built on the spot. During investigation, it was found that the Revenue Inspector had arbitrarily made two-fold assessment and from April 1, 2014, the revision of tax was not done by the new assessment rules. In this case, Municipal Commissioner Ajay Kumar Dwivedi had given an adverse entry to Revenue Inspector Azad Ahmed.

Ten brokers were caught in zone seven

The brokers who determine the house tax are posted in every zone of the municipal corporation, who work only as municipal workers. Just a few days ago, the Zonal Officer Dr. Pragya Singh had caught ten touts in the office and had thrown them out. These brokers used to work sitting in the office itself. When the zonal officer drove away these touts, many revenue inspectors came in his favor and tried to save his driver.

Along with the honorarium to these brokers, they give a fixed amount on each form, they mediate in the illegal recovery of the broker. In this, along with revenue inspectors, there is also a role of zonal officers to tax superintendents, who remain unaware even after knowing. Recently, similar youths were caught in the metropolitan area, who were demanding the price of reducing house tax from shopkeepers by pretending to be employees of the municipal corporation.

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