Heart Touching Story: Mother and father now both of you are free

Heart Touching Story: Mother and father now both of you are free

Mother and father now both of you are free... The letter of two innocent children written from this script is filling the eyes of every person who reads it. Lalaram and his wife Savitri, living in Kalyanpur Makdikheda, were shocked after reading this letter from the innocent son and daughter who had left the house, but the neighbors are also stunned. Tired of looking for both the children, the couple has appealed to the police by giving information, the mother is crying due to the separation of the pieces of the liver, then the father has also become infuriated. This incident is also like a lesson for those parents, who fight in front of the children in the house and keep accusing each other by bringing the children in the middle.

There used to be a quarrel between husband and wife on loss of job

Lalaram, a resident of Rasulabad Kahajri in Kanpur countryside, used to work in cold storage in Gujarat. He is survived by wife Savitri and two children, 15-year-old daughter Priya and 14-year-old son Naitik. He lives in a rented house in Kalyanpur Makdikheda. Lalaram had lost his job three months ago due to the lockdown. Lalaram was upset because of the loss of income. There was a dispute between the couple regarding household expenses. Lalaram wanted to go to the village with the children, but both the children were not ready to go to the village. There used to be a fight every day over this matter. On the insistence of going to the village on Sunday afternoon, Lalaram got into a fight with his wife. Tired of daily quarrels, both the children wrote letters in the name of their parents and left them at home.

Eyes became moist after reading the letter of the children

Mother and father, now both of you are free, both of you people no longer have the responsibility of two children. Both of us did not want to take this step, but the circumstances are such that this step has to be taken. It is requested to both of you that after the departure of us, now both of you should not quarrel with each other. When Lalaram and Savitri got upset after reading this letter, tears came from the eyes of the neighbors. The couple and neighbors also left the house to search for 15-year-old daughter Priya and 14-year-old son Naitik. After searching for relatives and friends here, the couple informed the police about the incident at 10 pm. Kalyanpur police station in-charge Veer Singh said that two police teams have been deployed in search of the children.

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