Huge difference in the salary of teachers appointed at the same time, National Educational Federation Meerut raised the matter

Huge difference in the salary of teachers appointed at the same time, National Educational Federation Meerut raised the matter

National Educational Federation gave a memorandum to the Basic Education Officer regarding various long pending problems including huge difference in the salary of teachers appointed at the same time.

District General Secretary of National Educational Federation Dr. Chhotu Ram told that the teachers are discharging their duties selflessly. Since the time of Kovid till now, he is giving his services in the health department as well. Even during the summer vacation, many teachers are rendering their service in the health department uninterrupted, so it was demanded from the Basic Education Officer that these teachers of Meerut district should also be given earned leave on the lines of other districts.

eliminate pay discrepancy

The second main demand from the union was made to end the salary discrepancy of teachers. Said that for years the Sangh has been raising this demand repeatedly with the officials. Teachers are worried about pay discrepancy. There is a huge difference in the salary of teachers who are appointed at the same time, which is not justified. Despite the order of the High Court, till date these teachers are not being paid full salary.

District President Vikesh Thakur said that bills related to arrears of teachers are also hanging in Meerut district. Many times the officials were also informed and the Basic Education Officer also issued orders in this regard, but no special work is being done on the ground of reality. 

Tehsil workers are not giving due respect to teachers 

District Organization Minister Vinay Chahal said that even the amount of his new pension scheme payable by the government to the teachers is not going to the accounts of the teachers in time. Convenor of Block Qilaparikshit Garh, Dr Ratan Singh said that continuous work is being done in the school and field by the teachers working in BLO duty. Due respect is not given to the teachers by the Tehsil staff. Dr. Ram said that despite the orders of the government, repeatedly the memorandums given by the teachers unions regarding the problems of teachers are not being responded or actioned by the Basic Education Department, Meerut. At present, the teachers in district Meerut are suffering from severe despair. However, the Basic Education Officer has assured the union of resolving the above problems at the earliest. But the National Educational Federation has made it clear that if the problems of the teachers are not resolved soon, then the union will soon become very big in the interest of the teachers.  

Prepare the seniority list related to the promotion of teachers

Machra Block President Manju Lata said that seniority list related to promotion of teachers should be prepared in Meerut district also and the process of transfer of teachers should also start within the district.

National Educational Federation, Meerut District President Vikesh Thakur, District General Secretary Dr. Chhotu Ram, District Organization Minister Vinay Chahal, Machra Block President Manju Lata, Qilaparikshit Garh, Block Convenor Dr. Ratan Singh, Joint Minister Kamal Swarup etc. were present among those who gave the memorandum. 

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