If you want to visit Lucknow at night, then come to these places with your family, here you will get everything from tonga ride to selfie point.

If you want to visit Lucknow at night, then come to these places with your family, here you will get everything from tonga ride to selfie point.
It is said that the evening of Awadh and the morning of Banaras are visible. In the changing lifestyle, people are now seen taking a walk at picturesque places with family till late in the evening. The glare of old Lucknow has extended from the Clock tower and Rumi Darwaza to new areas like Gomtinagar. The sea may not be there, but Bombay's famous Bhelpuri makes it feel. The atmosphere is like a fair and the joy of eating ice cream is created on the faces of the people. There is a lot to eat till late at night at these picnic points of Lucknow. Here is the report of Nishant Yadav on Lucknow's Raat Life Style:
11 o'clock in the night: luscious Lucknow ki tonga ride: Some guests from Delhi have come to Rehan's house, resident of Sector C of Aliganj. At night the whole family including children Hazra are enjoying coconut water with ice cream in front of Rumi Gate. Meanwhile, the women of the family expressed their desire to roam with the tonga. Women and girls ride on a tonga for a trip to the Bada Imambara. Rehan says that he finds comfort in hanging out with family late at night. If there is some traffic in the evening, then he likes to roam only at night.
11:30 pm: Birthday celebration happens on the road: Afaq, Rehan, and Riyaz, friends of Sooraj Nishad, a resident of Chowk, had brought five cakes with them. Sooraj Nishad's birthday cake was cut by putting two bikes. In front of Rumi Gate, all the friends take selfies fiercely and also upload them to their internet groups. As a sun, not only his but all their friends' birthdays are celebrated in the same way, sometimes on the riverfront and sometimes on 1090.
11:45 pm: I have heard of pot-bellied kulfi, but if you want to eat pot-water, then you will have to come in front of the clock tower. Till late night, the clock tower looks like Juhu Chowpatty. Apart from chaat, there is ice cream and many more to eat here. There are electric scooters, bikes, and cars for kids. Bareilly's earrings on a side stand keep the eyes of women on them. Meanwhile, Akifa starts insisting on traveling in an electric car. Akifa's insistence is fulfilled by father Sameer. However, for this, they have to spend 20 rupees. Aditya is also seen moving forward on the electric scooter from the front.
12:05 pm: Midnight lassi fun:  At the shop of Shri Lassi in Koneshwar temple of Chowk, after midnight, people reach to enjoy lassi and saffron milk after having food. Rohit Gupta tells that he likes sweets after eating. So 100 grams of rabri is nothing in front of them. Sometimes instead of home, people in front of Chowk police station also eat crisps.
12:30 pm: Marine Drive of Lucknow: By the way, the fun of walking along the sea comes in Mumbai's Marine Drive. But the riverfront of Lucknow is no less. Now see, Mukul Sharma, a resident of Vishalkhand of Gomtinagar, is visiting Ambedkar Park on the side of 1090 crossroads with his entire family. The family liked the shape of the elephant outside, then took a selfie and made the moment memorable. The shape of I Loves Lucknow is also seen luring people in the form of a selfie point. Here the whole family from Gomtinagar takes their selfie many times. A-frame looks good after a lot of effort. Then the finger of the person taking the photo gets some rest. Yes, this family does not forget to taste the ice cream on the go.

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