Innocent dies after falling in open drain in Mau, five feet deep drain has been open for years due to the apathy of Nagar Panchayat

Innocent dies after falling in open drain in Mau, five feet deep drain has been open for years due to the apathy of Nagar Panchayat

 One and a half year old innocent of Kanhaiya Sonkar, a resident of Railway Station Road under the town, died after falling in an open drain while playing in front of the house at 9 am on Thursday. This caused a furore in the family. Enraged by this, making serious allegations against the city administration, the residents staged a ruckus in front of the police booth on the Varanasi-Gorakhpur highway. Traffic came to a standstill on both sides of the highway for about half an hour. This resulted in long queues of vehicles. SHO Manoj Kumar Singh, who reached the spot, spoke to the Nagar Panchayat and ended the jam on the assurance of installing a slab on the drain.

A big drain about five feet deep on the railway station road has been open for years. On Thursday morning, one and a half year old son of Kanhaiya Sonkar was playing in the house itself. He came out playing. His mother Reena was thinking that the child was playing. After about half an hour, when she suddenly came to her senses, she started searching outside. When she could not be traced after searching here and there, she started questioning people. Local people also searched here and there but could not find it. In this, someone told that to be seen in the drain. So people started searching in the drain. He was found dead in a deep drain right in front of the house. Seeing this, mother Reena fainted. At the same time, father Kanhaiya got worse by crying. People picked up the child and brought him to the Community Health Center, Dohrighat. Here the doctors declared him brought dead. On hearing this, the townspeople were furious. The agitators blocked the front of the police booth. They are blaming the city administration for the death of the innocent.

After three daughters was the only lamp

Kanhaiya Sonkar has three daughters. Crying out loud, mother Reena was saying that after a lot of vows, the fourth son was born after three girls. In an instant, the only lamp in the house was extinguished. On the other hand, the residents of the locality blamed the city administration for the death. Said that due to non-covering of the slab on the drain, the innocent died by falling in the drain. The city administration has been asked repeatedly for this. Innocent's father Kanhaiya Sonkar told that the entire drain is open in front of my house. Many times I kept requesting the member, executive officer, chairman to cover the drain, but I was not listened to.

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