Inspirational is the story of Shardanand, the stars of the junior hockey team, DM Lucknow will make a brand ambassador

Inspirational is the story of Shardanand, the stars of the junior hockey team, DM Lucknow will make a brand ambassador

No one just becomes a star. The journey of Shardanand, who scored in the quarter-finals of the Junior World Cup Hockey against Belgium, has been a tough journey from zero to peak, one can only feel at his small residence. The journey of Shardanand, who lives in the DM Servant Quarter, to the junior team, seems like reel life, but the story of real life is shocking.

After scoring goals in the World Cup, there were mountainous challenges in the path of Shardanand's career, which he overcome with his hard work, discipline and dedication of his family members. Father Ganga Prasad Tiwari drives the district magistrate's scart vehicle and while the employees live in the rear of the premises along with the family. When the team of 'Dainik Jagran' reached his house on Thursday, father Ganga Prasad Tiwari started crying with joy. Said, the son made his life's hard work successful. My son has worked very hard.

There was no money to play hockey, so Saharaganj used to transport goods at night. If work was not available there, he would have packed the goods in the grocery store. He would get two-three hundred rupees overnight. After that he would wake up in the morning and go out to practice hockey. Don't worry about sleeping. Always used to say that just play hockey. I didn't stop him either. From class six onwards, he started going to the National College ground. One day the coach called and said, son plays hockey very well. Don't stop it. I am a home guard, barely survive on salary. He kept sacrificing his happiness to keep the mind of the child. Today it seems that life's hard work has become successful.

Son ran the house on loan to play for it:  Shardanand's mother, Rani Tiwari, was strangled while talking about her son. Said, husband's earnings did not work. There are three sons in which Shardanand is second. Sharda went ahead to name a few, for this people had to ask for loans. After practicing all day, he went to work at night. It was all very difficult for a mother, but there was no other way. God listened to us and today the child has given his name. When I saw him scoring a goal on TV yesterday, I forgot all the pain and sorrow.

DM honored the car that used to run today:  What can be a greater achievement for a father than that the highest officer of the district honors his son for his success. When Shardanand's father Ganga Prasad was honored by DM Abhishek Prakash by calling the office today, then emotions got raised in the auditorium. DM told Ganga Prasad that I used to see you everyday with the car, but I am very happy to honor you today. Just as Shardanand widened your chest with pride, every child should do for his father. The sacrifice and hard work you put in was successful

Shardanand will become brand ambassador:  DM said that Shardanand will be given great respect on his return home and he will also be given assistance from the administration. Apart from this, he will also be made a brand ambassador by the District Election Office to motivate the young voters.

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