Kidnapped including the driver of the vehicle running in the procession in Amethi, leaving the driver and absconding with jewelery worth lakhs

Kidnapped including the driver of the vehicle running in the procession in Amethi, leaving the driver and absconding with jewelery worth lakhs

 The van involved in the procession's convoy was robbed by the miscreants on the strength of a firearm. The vehicle had clothes and other essential items along with jewelery worth ten lakhs of the bride. Six kilometers away from the spot, the miscreants fled with the vehicle leaving the driver behind. As soon as the information about the incident came, the police were shocked. Crime Branch and Kotwali police reached the spot and inquired about the incident from the driver. Even after hours no trace of the vehicle has been found. Several teams of police are engaged in the secret of the incident.

The procession of Ayush Tiwari, son of Vimlendu Bhushan Tiwari, a resident of Pipri village of Haliyapur police station in Sultanpur district, went to Gauhania under Sangipur police station in Pratapgarh district on Wednesday evening. The procession was returning on Thursday evening. At the turn near the police line, three vehicles of the procession convoy went straight. It is said that the Omni van, which was running at the back of the convoy, suddenly disappeared near the turn. When the people sitting on the other car did not see the car behind, everyone returned but the van was nowhere to be found. The groom Ayush told that on Thursday evening we were coming back from the procession. The stolen car is mine. Which was being run by the Jagjivans of the village. There were many other faces including bridal jewellery, clothes on the vehicle.

The miscreants took the car leaving the driver near Darkha:  After kidnapping the car and the driver, the miscreants took the vehicle to the Gosaiganj lock road. On the way, the miscreants fled with the vehicle after forcibly removing the driver from the vehicle near the pond near Darkha village. The driver went to a nearby house and pleaded for help. Then people came to know about the incident.

The miscreants kept talking on the driver's mobile:  After the vehicle of the convoy of the procession disappeared, the people of the groom's side were calling the driver Jagjivan. The miscreants were receiving the call saying that the driver was drunk. Can't talk.

Investigation regarding the driver:  Crime Branch in-charge Dhirendra Verma first reached the spot with the driver. Then the place where the driver was dropped off. By going to that place, got information about the incident. After this, the team also scanned the footage of CCTV installed on the way.

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'Sue has been registered. The driver was drunk. He has drunk alcohol at two places. The place where the driver has been released. A bottle of wine has also been found there. Is being investigated. Will be exposed soon.  Vinod Singh, Inspector-in-Charg

A team of Kotwali Police and Crime Branch has been deployed. The incident is being thoroughly investigated. Soon the accused and vehicle will be in our possession.  - Arpit Kapoor, CO Amethi

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