Liquor of Haryana and Delhi is becoming trouble for the officers of Aligarh, what is the matter, read the detailed news

Liquor of Haryana and Delhi is becoming trouble for the officers of Aligarh, what is the matter, read the detailed news

The cheap liquor of Delhi-Haryana has increased the headache of the officers of the Excise Department in Aligarh. For more than a month, teams of the Excise Department have been engaged on the borders of both the states. Vehicles are checked. However, so far the departmental officers have not been able to get any major success. Cars, buses as well as two-wheeler operators are also screened. Apart from this, an eye is being kept on adulterated liquor in the district as well.

the officer posted on the border

District Excise Officer Satish Chandra told that there are more than three hundred desi, English, and beer shops in the district. The department gets a lot of revenue every year from these shops. Now in the past, due to the cheap liquor in Delhi-Haryana, the possibility of smuggling had increased. In such a situation, an important decision was taken in this regard in the district as well. Now if someone is caught bringing even a bottle of sealed liquor from Delhi, then action is taken against him. The sale of country liquor in the district is being done only in Treta Peak.

big case not caught

He informed that nine teams have been formed in view of the possibilities of smuggling in the district. This team has been formed at different places in the district like outside Aligarh Junction station, at Road Bus Stand, Boner Tiraha, Khaireshwar Square, and Gabbana Toll Plaza. , Takpuri police station is engaged in investigating the Mathura border of Godha, Tappal, and Koon village. He said that although no such big case has come to light so far, still investigation is going on.

Ease of getting a loan from a bank

Aligarh: Under the joint aegis of Rotary Club Aligarh and Singer India Limited, under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, a sewing embroidery training center for the skill development of girls was started in the Department of Planetary Science of Dharma Samaj College. The inauguration was done by Circle President Rotarian Mukesh Singhal and Aligarh President Rajiv Agarwal Anu. In the center, girls and women of the low-income groups will get three months of sewing and embroidery training so that they can become self-reliant. The certificate received after the training will also make it easier for the trainees to get a loan from the bank. Mukesh Singhal said that I express my gratitude to all the members of the Rotary Club for this efficient and social work. Secretary Vishal Bhanu, Treasurer Rakesh Taluja, Suresh Govil, Dr. Bharat Kumar Varshney, Madhup Lahiri, College Principal Rajkumar Verma, Dr. Vinod Saxena, Ram Kumar Bansal, Devesh Gupta, Shailendra Sachdeva, Rajiv Agarwal, Vineet Prakash, etc. were present.

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