Maati Bus Depot became bad in seven months

Maati Bus Depot became bad in seven months

Seven months ago the newly constructed Maati Bus Depot was inaugurated on Jhansi-Kanpur Highway. For the convenience of the passengers, all the arrangements were made in the depot, but after seven months of operation, highmast light, dirt, potholes at the entrance of the bus station and other disturbances have become dominant. This creates inconvenience to the commuters traveling from the bus station.

The construction of roadways depot was started in the year 2018 to provide better resources of traffic to the residents of the district. The construction work, which started at a cost of about Rs 4.39 crore, was neglected from the very beginning, due to which the depot could be constructed after about a year from the scheduled time. The newly constructed depot was inaugurated in February 2021 in the presence of MPs, MLAs as well as district level officers. Four high mast lights were installed so that the passengers coming to the bus station should not be inconvenienced, but after seven months of the inauguration, the high mast lights installed inside and outside the depot have got damaged, whereas during the inauguration itself, it was done by the executive organization. The wiring was shorted. At the same time, due to the failure of the highmast light, the passengers coming at night have to face inconvenience. The fear of mishap also haunts the passengers.

Bus depot pits could not be filled yet

There are big potholes at the entry and exit gates of the roadways bus station. This causes inconvenience to the commuters. At the same time, people are afraid of being chubby during the rain. During the inauguration of the depot, instructions were given to fill the pits, but they could not be filled till now due to departmental apathy.

The charge of Mati Bus Depot has been given, but it is not possible to work systematically at several places simultaneously. It will be rectified after knowing about the high mast light and other disturbances.

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