Makar Sankranti celebrated with pomp, distributed prasad of khichdi

Makar Sankranti celebrated with pomp, distributed prasad of khichdi

Makar Sankranti is celebrated when Lord Bhaskar enters Capricorn. Khichdi Prasad was distributed at various places in the district. After reaching the cowsheds, the devotees fed the cows. Warm clothes have been donated to the needy. According to astrologers, the donation made on this day comes under the category of Mahadan.

Jyotishacharya Pandit Rajkumar Shastri told that Devprana, who had become powerless during the Dakshinayan journey of the Sun, will again infuse new energy power on Makar Sankranti and they will be able to give proper results to their devotees and seekers. On this occasion, feeding cows to cows in various cowsheds earned meritorious benefits. Khichdi prasad was distributed everywhere.

Inspector Tapeshwar Sagar of Baghpat Kotwali, Outpost Incharge Harish Chand Tyagi, SI Priyavrat Arya and Narendra etc. distributed blankets to the elderly in old age home located in village Mitli. Donating them is fruitful

Acharya Praveen Pulastya told that woolen blankets, clothes to the needy, books to the students, Panchang etc. to the pundits are also donated. Mahila Jain Milan donated cow fodder

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the sisters of the female Jain Jyoti Milan donated bran, peel, driver, sugar, salt etc. to the cows in the cowshed. The workers fed all the fodder to the cows in front of them. Along with this, the Gaushala employees were assured to donate for the service of cows in future also. After this, the workers also started a cleanliness drive in the cowshed. Neetu Jain, Minister Kamlesh Jain, Bina Jain, Sudha Jain, Sushma Jain, Renu Jain, Nirmal Jain, Anjali Jain, Usha Jain, Bala Jain, Sushil Bhaiya, Sandeep Bhaiya etc. were present. At many places in Khekra, devotees distributed the efforts of khichdi etc. to the passers-by. Gullu Badshah distributed warm blankets etc. to the needy in front of Punjab National Bank on Pathshala Marg.

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