Meerut: Teachers will protest if NPS and remaining cases are not resolved

Meerut: Teachers will protest if NPS and remaining cases are not resolved

In the district representative conference of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Teachers Association (Thakurai faction), Meerut, various problems of teachers were discussed.

Various problems of teachers were discussed and reviewed in the representative conference of the district at Ram Sahai Inter College on Friday. Various cases pending in the office of Finance and Accounts Officer (Secondary) in the district and proposal of settlement with District School Inspector, Meerut to deposit the updated amount of NPS deduction of all the teachers appointed after April 1, 2005 with interest in their accounts. Passed. If soon the remaining cases and the amount of NPS are not deposited in the account of the teachers, then the district executive/organization will announce the program of the movement. The issue of unity of teachers was also discussed in the meeting.

Divisional conference will be held on December 24

Strategy was considered for the successful organization of the Divisional Conference and Educational Seminar on 24th December at Devnagari Inter College, Meerut. In the program of circle conference and educational seminar to be held on 24th December, a reception / honor ceremony of the members of the organization who retired in the session 2020 -21 and the newly appointed teachers in the district will also be organized.

The members of the Mandal and the Provincial Executive gave unanimous approval to Rajveer Singh Rathi, District President, Pankaj Sharma, District Minister and Sannoo Tyagi, District Treasurer for the upcoming session. He was authorized to select other members of the executive committee of his district.

here are present

Rajveer Singh Rathi, Dr. Umesh Chand Tyagi, Provincial Vice President, Sushil Kumar Singh, Provincial Minister, Arun Pal Atreya, Provincial Minister, Vijendra Kumar Dhyani, Divisional Minister, Chand Sharma, Divisional Patron, Subhash Chandra Kaushik , District Patron, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Karm Singh, Devendra Pawar, Principal etc. addressed by the speakers. The program was conducted by the organization's district minister Pankaj Sharma. Innocent Tyagi, Arvind Chauhan, Suresh Pandey, Rakesh Sharma, Kapil Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Manjinder Malik, Anju Sharma etc. hundreds of teachers were present in the meeting.

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