Migrant worker dies on Shramik train in UP, co-passengers travel with body to WB

Migrant worker dies on Shramik train in UP, co-passengers travel with body to WB

A50-year-old migrant worker died on-board a Shramik Special train from Rajasthan to West Bengal , triggering panic among other passengers who travelled with the body for quite eight hours, police said on Sunday.

Buddha Parihar, who hailed from Harishchandrapur in Malda district, wont to work on a hotel in Rajasthan's Bikaner. His brother-in-law Saraju Das also worked with him at an equivalent hotel.

Parihar, survived by his wife and two children, was working in Rajasthan for nearly 20 years, his family said.

Parihar and Das lost their jobs thanks to the coronavirus-triggred lockdown, and their multiple attempts to return to Malda failed whilst they were running out of cash .

They finally succeeded in boarding a train around 11 am on May 29, police said.

He died on the train around 10 pm on Saturday when it had been near Mughalsarai in Uttar Pradesh , they said.

The death triggered panic within the compartment with people suspecting that Parihar may need died thanks to Covid-19 and therefore the co-passengers might contract the disease, police said.

Railway doctors and other staff attended after the train reached the Malda station around 6.40 am on Sunday, an Eastern Railway official said.

The body was then handed over to the govt Railway Police (GRP).

The railway official said that Das, during a written statement, said that Parihar was affected by tuberculosis and he had given him medicines when he was feeling unwell during the journey. But Parihar didn't survive.

Later, the matter was handed over to the Englishbazar police headquarters , which has started an investigation into the incident and sent the body to Malda Medical College for postmortem, a senior policeman said.

"We wont to work on a hotel but as soon because the lockdown started we lost our job. We did not have any money left and tried to return home several times but couldn't. within the meantime, Buddha fell sick. Finally, we boarded the train on May 29. But he died on the train mysteriously," Das said.

Malda District Magistrate Rajarshi Mitra also confirmed that Parihar had tuberculosis.

Das, who accompanied him, are going to be tested for coronavirus, he added.