MLA claims in public court on test

MLA claims in public court on test

 The nomination process for the Vidhan Sabha in Gautam Budh Nagar has started. Although in the assembly elections, voters vote by weighing the candidate, but the scale of evaluation of the MLA is very strict. The five-year term of an MLA is the criterion for evaluation, on the basis of which the challenge is to win the confidence of the voters for the next five years.

Dadri assembly constituency MLA Tejpal Singh Nagar claims that during his tenure, he has left no stone unturned in the development of the area and raising the voice of the people in the assembly. One hundred percent utilization of MLA fund has been made. The MLAs may claim, but the reality on the ground is telling something else. The farmers of the area have been making rounds for the leaseback of the population for the last five years. The issue of 10 per cent plot allotment is yet to be resolved. 64.7% additional compensation has also not been received by all the villages. The farmers affected by the Dedicated Freight Corridor are agitating to demand compensation of four times the circle rate of the land. The problem of flat buyers also remains the same. He agitates day by day for the ownership of the flats. The youth is also not satisfied with the employment

MLA Tejpal Singh Nagar, who was a teacher by profession, with gentle behavior and simple personality, defeated Satbir Gurjar of Bahujan Samaj Party in 2017 and put Dadri seat in the account of Bharatiya Janata Party.

The MLA had to face issues like leaseback of farmers, population, additional compensation, employment to local youth in factories, possession of flat buyers in Greater Noida West, development of villages and colonies, education etc. Apart from this, there were expectations of patients wandering for oxygen, beds in hospitals in the global epidemic. Development work done in the assembly constituency

Construction of CC road, interlocking tiles, pavement, drain in dozens of villages, construction of courtyard floor of procession house in Valmiki locality of Badhpura village, beautification of toilet, construction of CC road and drain in Bambawad village, drains in Madhuban Vihar in Kulesara Including building of classrooms in the school. Legislator Claims:

Reservation in employment for 40 percent local people in the factory, implementation of population rules, upgradation of primary health center of Bisrakh to community center, oxygen plant in Dadri and Bisrakh, distribution of medicines during Kovid, increasing the number of beds, Girls Inter College and Approval of Inter college in Kot village, acceptance of degree college in Jarcha, MLA has done many good works in his tenure of five years. Government facilities have also been benefited. -MK Mishra, retired LIC officer, more and more people have benefited from government facilities in the village. development has taken place. The roads in the village are better than before.

-Jagveer Nagar, Badalpur Village

No such work was done for the youth so that they could get employment. The potholes are still visible in the roads.

-Shivam Rajput, no development work was done from the MLA fund in the student Jarcha area. Even the demand of Inter College, Degree College for girls was not fulfilled. Girls have to be sent outside to study.

There was trouble in getting Saroj Lata, Jarcha fertilizer. The rates of urea were increased. There was no significant increase in the price of sugarcane. Not even a road was built to transport sugarcane from the farm to the mill.

Prince, what do farmers say MLA

I have done as much work in the country as the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister in the state. Employment, farmers, problems of people in Greater Noida West have been solved. Sewer, road, electricity development works have been done in Kachchi Colony. Work has been done in the field of over bridge, under pass, education, health. By raising the voice of the area in the assembly, the problems of the people have been solved.

Tejpal Singh Nagar, MLA Dadri

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