Monsoon may knock ahead of time, the process of drizzling rain is going to start soon in Bihar

Monsoon may knock ahead of time, the process of drizzling rain is going to start soon in Bihar

 This time in the surrounding states including Bihar, the pre-monsoon rains have also pleased. The situation that is being created now shows that the monsoon is also going to knock very soon. Soon people will get relief from the scorching heat in the country. Based on information from the Meteorological Department, New Delhi, it is known that this year the Southwest Monsoon may arrive in the country earlier this year. According to the Meteorological Center, the monsoon can knock on the Kerala coast this time on May 27.

Monsoon will come ahead of time for the second consecutive year

Before this, there is a possibility of its premature entry into the Andaman Sea. According to the meteorologist, there are signs of favorable conditions for the onset of early monsoon and moving towards Kerala. In such a situation, if we talk about the arrival of monsoon in Bihar, then in the second year also the monsoon can knock before time.  

Monsoon forecast for June 8 to 10

Based on the forecast, it is being said that if the situation remains favorable after the entry of monsoon in Andaman, then between June 8 and 10, monsoon will enter Bihar. Talking about 2021, the monsoon had knocked ahead of time. In 2019, the date of arrival of monsoon in Bihar was June 12. At the same time, talking about the last year, the monsoon had knocked prematurely on June 11. The first rain of monsoon was received in Purnia on 13 June. 

  • Premature onset of monsoon in the state
  • Monsoon arrived in Bihar on June 12 in the year 2019 
  • Monsoon arrived in Bihar on June 11 last year
  • On June 13, Purnia received the first monsoon rain. 
  • Monsoon expected to hit Kerala coast on May 27 
  • First monsoon rain in Andaman and Nicobar on 15th May  

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